Coconut Butter Alert

Coconut Butter Alert
(from David Norman)

Omega Nutrition markets its coconut butter as "100%-organic unrefined coconut oil" implying that it is live just like their other cold pressed oils. It was just discovered {Jan. 2002} that this product is heated to 200 degrees for several hours in order to "deodorize" it, effectively killing the enzymes and rendering it unnatural.

The company was contacted and the president, Bob Walberg, was very receptive and concerned. He stated that the label needs to have more information on it to clarify that it is not live, and that he will be making those changes on the label. The company will also look into marketing a truly LIVE affordable coconut butter that smells and tastes like real coconut.

If you are interested in having Omega Nutrition provide a truly LIVE coconut butter, please email your request to Bob Walberg at: so we can have LIVE coconut butter available as soon as possible. For those who use oils, this would be one of the best oils to use in raw foods and on the body. (Note: coconut butter and coconut oil are the same thing; it's oil above and butter below 77-78 degrees F.)


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