Beware of Irradiated Papayas from Hawaii

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Rainbow Papaya

These delicious papayas are grown on A'A lava in Kapooho, Hawaii. With ideal weather conditions and fertile soils, Kapooho offers some of the best tasting and best looking papayas in the world. These papayas are tree ripened and sent through the Surebeam system for food safety reasons. This process has allowed papayas and many other exotic fruits into the mainland for the first time! As a result of picking papayas tree ripened, they are high in vitamins B6, B1, B2, and C.

The SureBeam electronic pasteurization system utilizes a revolutionary new technology using ordinary electricity to render pests harmless and reduce the number of microorganisms responsible for food spoilage. High-energy electrons generated by the SureBeam system are focused into a beam and scanned over the product at a precise rate.

Surebeam Safe Process benefits include: destroys harmful food-borne pathogens, allows fruit to be picked ripe, and is an environmentally safe facility.

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Comment from Rhio: The deceptive terms "electronic pasteurization" and "ordinary electricity" used in the PR piece above are really referring to the irradiation of food using high doses of ionizing radiation equivalent to millions of chest X-rays blasting the food. The words radiation or irradiation do not appear even once in the description (above) of this technology. Comparing irradiation to pasteurization is grossly misleading to the American public.

According to Wenonah Hauter, director of Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy and Environment Program "These abuses have set a new standard for false advertising. Consumers have been deceived long enough. Food irradiation companies must stop playing mind games with the American people."

Food irradiation results in the formation of chemicals called radiolytic products or unique radiolytic products which are known or suspected to cause cancer, serious health problems and birth defects. For more information on food irradiation, look under Articles/Irradiation.

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