Nature is Shifting: Southwestern Montana Perspectives

Signs of Change
by Peggy Zetler

Each human has and is undergoing mind, body and spirit changes that often feel confusing and produce a myriad of behaviors in reaction to the unknown. Being primarily analytical by inculcation, humans have tended to ask what is wrong rather than what is right. Nature flows with universal law and does not question what it needs to do to adapt and improve itself. Natural happenings of late are astounding, to the point of being a common point of local conversation. Occasionally conversationalists will ponder the why to these shifts, but more so the simple wonderment is what is expressed.

Our growing season in Southwestern Montana is said to be three weeks longer than ever before in Farmers Almanac history and is holding. This year, after two years of severe drought and fire, the perennial and native plants jumped out of the warm soil, with little moisture, about 4 weeks ahead of schedule. Plants were more stout and low to the ground which protected them from frost and vicious ionic wind storms. They grew much slower but when the warmth came without rain in early May, they responded in full color. Working the ground was easy. Usual high mountain desert weeds did not appear.

Of the 400 or so sapling trees we planted two seasons ago, the least likely to flourish, flourished… flathead cherries, apricots and berry bushes. Black cottonwoods, golden willow, and the like were stunted. Since the prior require moist and warm weather and the latter being more drought and cold tolerant, the discrepancy is uncanny. This continued throughout the long summer and fall which just ended a week ago in Mid November. A time when normally the mountains have 10 feet of snow and the ground in the lower elevations (at a mile high) are frozen. My six year old picked snapdragons and violets just last week. They are just now drying out in the vase soon to be crafted into holiday cards and gifts. The kale is still growing as are the third run of bachelor buttons. Fall literally lasted only two weeks.

Throughout the summer we noticed many anomalies. We make our own compost and build the soil up as our ground is devoid of organic matter and goes 60 feet deep with consistent sand and rock. I am not adept at recognizing plants in their youth so always leave whatever until I can properly identify the species. This season the flowers, herbs and small garden had to attend to themselves as I was consumed with other tasks. To my astonishment, cantaloupe, a new form of squash, raspberry bushes, apple, cherry and apricot trees and flowers I had never seen before quickly showed themselves. Most, I presumed, were from the compost or distributed by the few birds who grace our treeless parcel. The rhubarb, onions, range wildflowers and mint that normally thrive in abundance were hardly noticeable. Chatting with others around the area, it was apparent that this had little to do with luck or pollution climate effects and much to do with the earth adapting to galactic necessities.

Living in Big Sky Country most locals are avid sky watchers. Our unobstructed panoramic views of three mountain ranges on the west of the Continental Divide at the 49th parallel is an ever changing art gallery. No need for paintings hanging in the home when all one need do is glance out the window in any direction. The stars were and are much more dense…closer in appearance and the sunrise and sunsets more expansive and colorful. The sun is rising more in the northeast and setting more in the southwest now. Orb rainbows, Orion and ship clouds are prevalent. These do not produce any noticeable weather change and are fixed in the sky. You can actually stand in the end of a rainbow or in the heart of a sunset and be a part of it. Instead of chasing these hopes and never finding their beginning or end you can now do so with precision. Thankfully, the dense chemtrails have eased the last two months but at the end of September all of Idaho, beyond the border some 40 miles south, was blanketed with an artificial haze.

I watched the artificial hazing for three full days from my home and from the top of Badger Pass. The third evening, the sun set in the south. The west mountains above the Bighole Valley depicted only crystal blue sky with no apparent sun going down. The colors on the south sky screen were an intense crimson mixed with cantaloupe and deep purple. There were no variations at all in the texture of the screen; no clouds or streaks. It bathed the entire area in a glow that can only be described as magical. Our daughter exclaimed that we would have to move our sunset swing to the end of our house as the sunset had moved from its usual location. At the same time, my mate was at the top of Vipon Park, about 8500 feet looking down at this unusual view. From above, he could see the show from what he described as the back of a movie screen. Above the chemtrail fog was crystal blue sky. He could not discern the location of the sun at all but surmised that it was some sort of odd reflection. For how, he thought, could the sun set in the south?

Two weeks ago, on yet another warm tee shirt evening, the northern lights set off a show of rippling blues and reds with spotlight white streaks beaming to the heavens. The show came from the Northwest and to its east, a brilliant huge star sat below the bottom curve of a surreal white crested moon. The two were alone in the black sky with the northern lights as a sideshow. You could see your shadow at midnight. It is only on rare occasion that we get to enjoy the colors of the northern lights. Most often we only see shimmers of white light dancing across the night sky.

Critters have free range dominance in our sagebrush infested tundra. Generally, antelope, whitetail deer, bunnies, and coyotes are everywhere. Not so this season. Antelope are loners now and often talk. They sound like an old crow and seem unafraid of humans. Intimate with the antelope my whole life, I have never once heard them talk. Very few deer anywhere, even at the tree line where they are most prevalent. No bunnies at all. Rattle snakes, on the rise again, are possibly eating them. It is sure not the coyotes as there have been no signs or howling at all. The near extinct badgers are back as are the wolves, and not by reintroduction. I also played with frogs again. A childhood delight brought back just for me? Birds of prey, the eagle, osprey and hawks are everywhere but the songbirds and bug eaters are few. The Canadian geese and other migratory birds just flew southeast a week ago. Not sure where they think they are going so late and in a misdirection. There is a new huge shinny black spider and many new bugs around that seem to have a protective presence of some sort. Ladybugs are prolific but the honey bees and butterflies are minimal. Hunting season came and went this month with few animals being brought out. There was only a few inches of dry snow in the high mountains so tracking was difficult but the hunters say, regardless, that the herds were acting all wrong. They were moving quickly, splitting up in small bands or alone and were acting as if it was still summer. The most amazing shift to regular hunters was that when they did track them they would be nestled down in deep downfall swamp areas that are not possible to drag the meat from. The hunters would just watch the animals from above knowing that there would be no meat in the freezer to feed their family this year.

It is possible that these evolutionary changes had been occurring over time, but to those of us who live here in the breath of Nature's beauty and live by her time clock, it seems that all of this occurred in just one season. All who listen to the thought forms of nature have been told the same thing. That mother earth is healing herself, adapting and will survive and flourish. That it is for us to learn from and flow with her if we are to exist. Many understand that the earth has been aided by unseen forces and she is responding with gratitude and abundance. This is a heartfelt occurrence that most of us are humbled by. Man has solutions to all the environmental detriments man has plagued the earth with but as yet we have been unable to foster a critical mass so that monies and intentions allow these solutions to manifest so…. mother earth is fixing herself. In tandem with this are more and more scientific discoveries, like thought form photography of water, the changing layers of DNA, entangled photon twins, 100 glaciers found in Colorado… These are showing us clearly of the intelligence of nature. Life as we know it is changing. It is for us to tune to its flow if humans are to continue as inhabitants upon this exquisite jewel of a planet.

Being human and pondering what this means for each of us personally, it all is so vast and complex that the only option is to view it one on one with ones self in a more simplistic fashion. The shifts of perspective, of body, of mind, of spirit, when left alone and not derailed by symptomatic cover ups, reveals that we too, by our seedling nature of adaptation here on earth, are also moving into a new framework of existence. There is much being discussed about higher frequencies, superstring theories, cosmic forces, divine presence and the like as it relates to the human condition. Intuition tells us to transform water to pure with thought and drink lots of the elixir of life, breathe deeply with gratitude and cleansing intent and to be an observer or witness to your own amazing transformation and that of others. This is what nature is teaching us. We are inextricably connected to all of our environment both here on earth and throughout the universe. Nature is rejoicing and changing with the transition toward total beneficial transformation. It does this so much better than humans because it does not analyze or become ridged with fear of change. It accepts divine forces without question and thus is blessed. If an unseen force is making itself so visible, it seems imperative that we heed its directive. Many humans are expanding, changing… adapting, even in the face of negative illusions. Critical mass is about pure quality, not volume. Dinosaurs had volume.

Peggy Zetler

Posted by permission of author.

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