Current Corporate Values

Not all corporations, of course, subscribe to the kind of values that are described here. Corporations should be encouraged to rethink their priorities to reflect human and environmental values first, before profits. Profits are important – but not more important than the foregoing. Ultimately people control the policies of corporations and increasingly the courts have seen fit to make individuals in corporations responsible for policies that harm.

In addition, corporations should not be allowed to police or monitor themselves with regard to the pollution they create, either to the environment or in their products; the safety of their products; monopolistic price fixing of their products; or the well-being and safety of their employees. For corporations to monitor themselves is like letting the fox guard the henhouse. Extensive experience clearly demonstrates that it does not work at this time.

On the supposedly "public" airwaves, corporations should not be allowed to promote only their biased opinions without allowing alternative views. Mainstream media is now owned almost exclusively by corporate monopolies which effectively block out any anti-corporate programming or opinions not viewed as favorable to corporate proliferation and power.

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