Biotechnology: Genetically Altered Foods, Animals & Humans

Agbiotech Aggression
Austrian Govt. Study Warns Genetically Modified Food Causes Infertility
Biodeception: FDA is Misrepresenting the Facts About Risks of GE Foods
British Scientists Turn on GM Food
Bumpy Road for Biotech
Declaration of John Fagan, Ph.D.,about the Uncertain Safety of GE Foods
Does GE Increase Yield?
800 Protesters Uproot BT Corn in Mindanao
Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Monsanto’s Modus Operandi
Experts Warn Against GM Wheat
Farmers, Consumers Balk at Pharma Rice
50 Harmful Effects of Genetically Modified (GM) Foods
The Future of Indigenous Agriculture
GE News From Around the World (Nov. 2001)
The Genetic Bill of Rights
Genetic Engineering; A Cautionary Approach
Genetic Engineering Reports by Pamela Drew
Genetically Altered Food: Myths and Realities
Genetically Engineered Crops Ruin Fields for 15 Years
Genetically Modified Foods, A Guide for the Confused
Genetically Modified Foods: Are They a Risk to Human/Animal Health? by Dr. Pusztai
GM Ban Long Overdue: Dozens Ill and Five Deaths in the Philippines
GM Threat to Organic Farming
GMOs Finding Their Way Into Human Gut Bacteria
Got Pus? rBGH, Genetic Engineering & The New World Order
Greenpeace Dismisses WTO Ruling on GMOs
‘Independent’ Groups Share Pro-GM Common Ground
Is Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) On It’s Way Out?
Lymph Plague
Mice Prefers Non-GM
Misleading Arguments Commonly Used by Biotech Advocates to Mislead the Public
Monsanto Attacks: Percy Schmeiser Interview
Monsanto Pours $6 million into TV Ads to Defeat Measure 27, Oregon’s Ballot Initiative to get GE Foods Labeled
Monsanto’s Michael Taylor is Back Seeking a Position in Obama’s Administration
Multiple Ways Monsanto is Putting Normal Seed Out of Reach
On Farmer Empowerment, GE & Global Systems
Open Letter From World Scientists to all Governments Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
Organizations Concerned About or Opposed to Genetically Altered Foods
Who Signed Open Letter (above) From Your Country?
Pig Heart Transplants Not “Taking”
Playing God in the Garden
Prince Charles Walks Into New GM Debate
Scientists Suspect Health Threat from GM Corn
Some Popular Restaurants, Grocers Nationwide Shun Biotech Seafood
Starlink Allergy Not Bogus
Sticky But Useful Fruit Labels
The Truth About GE Insulin
Unraveling the DNA Myth. The Spurious Foundation of Genetic Engineering
The USDA, Monsanto and the US Dairy Industry
US Court Challenge to Monsanto
US Denies Rights to Iraqi Farmers to Save Seed
What You Can Do About GE Food

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