Streets Do Not Exist For the Purpose of People Sleeping There Rebuttal by Rhio

“Streets do not exist in civilized societies for the purpose of people sleeping there. Bedrooms are for sleeping. {the right to sleep on the streets} doesn’t exist anywhere. The founding fathers never put that in the Constitution.”

—Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, NYC
during his weekly radio show

“The streets were built and are maintained with taxpayer dollars, therefore the streets DO belong to the people. If governments refuse to provide or fail to encourage builders (through tax incentives, etc.) to provide decent low income housing for those who need it, then homeless people have no other recourse but to sleep on the streets. The fact that many homeless refuse to go to city shelters is a telling indictment against a system that has utterly failed. In NYC, our government is investing taxpayer dollars to build a home for the New York Stock Exchange, has invested taxpayer dollars to refurbish Rockefeller’s Museum of Modern Art, and is talking of investing taxpayer dollars for two MORE sporting stadiums while allowing the people’s most minimum needs for shelter to go unmet. (In 2001 NYC spent $110 million on two minor league stadiums in Staten Island and Coney Island.) The NY Stock Exchange, the Rockefeller’s and the sporting teams are huge money making ventures and don’t need taxpayer’s financial support. Let them build their own homes, while we attend to the “People’s” business. After all, isn’t that what governments are for?”


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