Registered Nurse Goes Holistic

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The below story was forwarded to me. I went on your website but did not see it posted there. If the below story is true, written by and about you, could I have permission to post it on my website with a link to your website? I believe that my readers would be most interested in what you had to say here.

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Yes I wrote the article for the Crusador eAlerts online newsletter and also the American Freepress picked it up. You may post it on your website. I am currently working on a medical unit in a local hospital, its sad to see so many patients willing to to take so many chemicals into their body and agree to do it for the rest of their lives.

I like your websites. I’d love to do a radio interview too!

Heather Soucey
Crusador eAlerts online newsletter

and also the American Freepress


Registered Nurse Goes Holistic

by Heather Soucey, RN

Being a registered nurse for over sixteen years, caring for patients in the hospitals and communities, and working with Hospice patients for the last five years, my soul became dis-eased as I visited so many young hospice patients. By young, I mean patients on an average in their fifties, forties, and thirties. These visits were gut wrenching to say the least. For the most part, all of them have been through the gamut of specialists to surgeries. They have been poked and prodded, many MRIs and as many as fifty prescription drugs prescribed per patient. It was hard to tell which drugs were supposed to help the

symptoms, and which drugs were supposed to help the side effects from the drugs. Seeing the end of a person’s quality of life in his or her productive years because of these diagnosed and chemically treated diseases, as a nurse and a mother, this made me take a 180 degree turn. For myself, I will only see a physician if it is an emergency. Mammograms or other scans, prescription drugs, regular visits are out even if my medical insurance covers a percentage of these visits.

My heart, mind and soul keeps searching for answers to the following questions:

1) Why do we have so many diseases since we live in the richest country in the world where we have the most advanced technology, and specialized physicians?

2) Why are harmful drugs especially chemotherapy and radiation used in lethal dosages in the US and not in Europe?

3) Why are so many patients emotionally dependent on prescription drugs, believing that it is the answer to good health and recovery, when in fact, it causes toxicity?

4) Why are hospitals growing in size and statue like huge monuments?

Working in the medical field and doing my own research, I decided the natural way for treating health problems was for me. Having a hypothyroid like many people, I treated it by replacing the nutrients my body was lacking. I decided, I did not want to take prescription medications or have multiple blood work done to adjust the dosage higher and higher. My physician never told me how diet and metabolism would be affected by this nutritional deficiency. According to Dr. Linus Pauling Ph.D. winner of two Nobel Prizes-Chemistry and Peace, “ Every sickness can be traced to a mineral deficiency.” In my case, iodine was deficient.

As long as medical insurances cover the medical treatments, patients are more willing to continue being tested. In my nursing career, I have seen many patients endure suffering needlessly, loss of dignity, and despair. For example:

1. A ninety year old male visited his doctor for depression. He was placed on remeron, a medication for depression with a side effect of constipation. He did not have a bowel movement for five days. His doctor referred him to the hospice program and said that there was nothing he could do.

2. A fifty-six year old patient developed cardiovascular failure due to side effects of chemotherapy, and this was documented in his chart.

3. A sixty-five year old woman with laryngeal cancer had a laryngeal dissection and a tracheostomy performed. She had six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation causing severe discoloration to the neck due to burning of the skin. She was admitted to hospice before the last treatment because she was non-responsive.

4. A thirty year old woman in the prime of her career was stricken with liver cancer and referred to hospice. She was prescribed around heavy medication to sedate her because she would not stop trying get out of bed.

5. A forty-one year old woman expired from cancer in her hospital bed while her two young children were lying in the bed with her not wanting her to leave.

There is a natural health wave sweeping over America. The American Holistic Nurses Association serves as a bridge between the traditional medical model and the alternative healing practices. Seasoned nurses have sought contentment by turning to Holistic modalities. Some of those modalities include: nutrition consulting, an education in eating to feed the body and the cells; lymph drainage therapy, hands on method of lymph drainage; craniosacral message therapy, stress reduction and chronic pain relief which detects and corrects imbalances in sensory, motor and neurological dysfunction; aroma therapy, using the sensation of smell to improve emotions and cause muscle relaxation; Q2 energy spa, which rebalances and increases biological energy; scio biofeedback, rebalances the overstressed body systems; reiki, improves healing through touch; biopulsar reflexograph, a electronic hand sensor measures the energy flow in more than 49 organ zones represented in the hand; Live Cell Analysis, to identify nutritional deficiencies by analyzing blood cells via a darkfield microscope. These treatments and other like them will keep the mind, body and spirit functioning at a healthier level and this will become the front line defense against unbalance in the body. It’s our responsibility to stay healthy; we are our best insurance policy. We need to take back the control over our health from dependence on prescribed chemicals and look into vitamins minerals and holistic modalities to improve our health naturally. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have crisis health insurance only?

Heather Soucey, RN, MSN, is a speaker and a member of the American Holistic

Nurses Association. She is the owner of Inside Out, LLC. She teaches nutrition

at the cellular level by using Live Cell Analysis Demonstrations and

Biological Terrain Testing. For information call 248-376-1964 or visit

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