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Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to drop everybody a line and apologise for getting so far behind. Between moving and being very ill, I am having trouble keeping up and hope to be back on track within a week.

I also wanted to remind those of you who are poisoned to take it easy when you are under pressure so you don't make my mistake. When we exercise we re-release toxins that we have taken in. They are stored in our bones, brain and tissue and anything that produces body heat will cause our body fat to send them out through our sweat and also into our bloodstream. If our sweat dries before we shower, we re-absorb them and re-experience our poisoning to certain degree.

I myself through trying to keep up my work while moving, cleaning and packing have caused a great release of toxins which have sent me into spasms, migraines, inflammation and a whole bunch of other lessons in pain and suffering. I however have great bounce back and a very positive attitude so I am sure I will recover soon.

… Finally I saw a specialist for a problem I am having that can not be treated because of my arsenic poisoning. The necessary treatment combined with the effects of my arsenic symptoms would put my life at risk. He said to ask for prayers, so I am asking and thanking you now for the answer.

Take care and please keep safe.


Deborah Elaine Barrie
4 Catherine Street
Smiths Falls, On
K7A 3Z8

Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2002 13:50:07 EDT

Dear Deborah,

I am sorry to hear about your health problems and arsenic poisoning. I am not a practitioner of any kind but would like to share with you, just as an exchange of ideas and information, the way to renewed health from the raw food lifestyle perspective. Please discard this email if it is not of any interest to you.

The effects of any toxins flushed into the bloodstream, are only temporary because they are on their way out of the body. The blood circulates through the liver and kidneys and the poisons in the blood are filtered out through these systems. They are also filtered out through the lymphatic system and the colon. The effects that you had, from this perspective, were detox effects and would only last as long as it takes for the body to filter them out. Afterwards your body would be in a better condition rather than a worse one because it would have dumped a certain amount of toxins, perhaps not all that needs to be removed but a certain amount. Less poison in your body allows your body to incrementally strengthen so that when the next healing crisis occurs, it can handle it better.

There are many ways to help your body to detox. The basis would be a raw food diet and raw juice fasting or raw energy soups. Lots of greens for the chlorophyll which can be called liquid oxygen. I have been to many of the institutes that teach this lifestyle and have seen with my own eyes many seemingly miraculous recoveries.

When you are detoxing, there are many modalities that can assist you in getting the poisons out of the body. Sweating is one of them, but when perspiring as a way to release toxicity you have to assist the body in not reabsorbing the toxicity. There are ways to do this by alternating the sweating episodes with cold water showers. One institute that I went to in Mexico had the following program that they used to stimulate the body back to normalcy. First thing in the morning you disrobed and they lightly tapped your body all over with nettle leaves. This stimulates the lymph system and your body starts to tingle all over. Then they wiped your body with towels that had been dipped in cold water. Then they put you in bed and wrap you in blankets until the tingling stops (approx. 15 minutes).

Next, they send you to the sauna cabinet and they tell you to alternate between the sauna cabinet and splashing cold water on your body six times. You are supposed to stay in the cabinet until you raise a sweat, then get out and pour this cold water over your body a few times, then back to the cabinet – six cycles. Then back to your room for an enema which they give you.

Next, breakfast (I opted for the raw food diet – they also offer vegetarian cooked). Then twice a day in the morning and the afternoon they put clay packs on your spine and leave them on for 30-45 minutes. And also twice a day they put onion poultices on your stomach area. And they would keep changing the poultices two or three times. Then there was exercise twice a day by walking up a hill a couple of miles and back. There were also classes on healthy living but they were in Spanish.

So you can see by this that it is quite an active system of stimulating the body to assist it in releasing toxicity. I had been there for a couple of days, when my mother called and said she was coming. She arrived with a swollen knee (unfortunately she does not follow the raw lifestyle) but she did the program while she was there. I forgot to mention that they put this black clay (called lodo or barro) on any part of the body that is inflammed, sore or has a cyst or tumor. They wrapped my mother's knee in the clay. In two days her knee swelling went down and the knee looked normal.

Other ways to assist the body are colonics, clay baths, dry brushing the body – especially the feet, bouncing on a mini trampoline, and herbal cleansing teas.

David Steinman wrote a book called Diet for a Poisoned Planet and in it he recounts how he discovered that his own body was contaminated with high levels of DDT and PCBs from eating fish caught off the coast of Southern California. He had been fishing there since he was a teenager and one day in 1985 he was shocked to see for the first time that they had posted a notice on the piers and beaches warning people not to eat the fish because of chemical contamination. When his body was tested they found that he had extremely high levels of these poisons. In his book, he goes on to recount how he was able to bring the levels down to normal and one of the modalities that he used was the sauna.

Holding the thought for your full recovery,


Hi Rhio,

So nice to hear from you, so sorry for taking so long to write you a proper answer. It is so busy here that if I leave my computer for more than a few hours I get more email than my account can handle and then the phone rings with reporters and victims and lawyers and so on. I think I need a staff. I appreciate very much your writing me about this. I do many of the things that you have listed, but some ideas are new too me.

I have a mini trampoline and a complete gym actually and I do work out, take hot baths and use heating pads to make me sweat. I have never used cold though as my body is always in spasm and my blood flow is very bad. I have used colonics and certainly lots of water and supplements and much raw food but not all.

I hope to be getting saunas soon but my doctors are concerned because i have so many toxic levels that I read off their scales and have a total representation of 100 % according to my hair tests and urine show much the same. I tend to swell like a pregnant woman when i do try and detox and my organs have trouble handling it.

I will share your suggestions with my doctors who are very open minded and always looking for new things to help people.

Thank you so much for writing and caring

Take care and keep safe


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