Are Fruit and Vegetable Seeds Edible?

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Are fruit and vegetable seed edible? I heard that apple seeds have some type of poison in them, is this true?

Dear Colleen,

Most fruit and vegetable seeds are edible. Many of them contain a form of cyanide, like apricot seeds, prune seeds, even mung beans – and at least 800 others. But the poison from the cyanide molecule, according to researchers who have studied them, is not released in the body unless there is a need – such as cancer. If there is cancer, then according to Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr., who has made nitrilosides his life's study, the cyanide is released at the site of the cancer and kills it. That is what all the fuss about laetrile (vitamin B17) was about.

Unfortunately this information has been suppressed and kept from the general public.

But fortunately we can still get our seeds from fruits and vegetables grown from non hybridized and open pollinated seeds, and give our bodies the inhibitory factors necessary to protect us from cancer and other types of disease. Have you noticed that modern fruits, grown from hybridized seeds have had the seeds hybridized out of them? This is a loss for our health. All indigenous peoples (free from cancer and other diseases) eating their native diets, consumed seeds.

For more information, please go to Links section of my website and press Dr. Krebs link under "Health Information". That will take you to a site that will answer all your questions. My website is:

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