Are Cashews Raw?

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Fancy your name should come up Rhio! I am on another list and we were discussing cashews. A person on the list is questioning my statement that cashews are not raw. Could you give me a little insight on this.

He also is questioning the outer husk or covering giving a human hand an adverse reaction. Is this true or not? I was under the impression that is why chashews are generally not considered raw as they must be heated to neutralize the irritant.

I LOVE YOUR BOOK!! Especially the orange "ice cream"! It is one thing the entire family agrees on! We like to make it and sit around the table and play Uno while turning the delish dessert.

Thank you so very much for your contributions to the raw community and the world at large.

Shari in Everett, Washington

Dear Shari,

Thanks for the feedback on my book – sure makes me feel good!!

Cashews are not raw because of the processing that they undergo to remove a toxic liquid that is between the outer shell and inner skin. The processing is done with heat. The other person that is questioning you can look up the information in any good encyclopedia.

After my book came out, Nature's First Law, the store and internet site: found a supplier of cashews that processes them without heat and so as far as I know you can get raw cashews from Nature's First Law. I haven't tried them yet, but they have pictures on their site where they show the cashews sprouting so they have to be raw. But the "raw" cashews that are generally available everywhere are definitely NOT RAW.

I'm not sure about the outer husk or covering giving the human hand an adverse reaction because I've never handled any myself. It could be possible there is some irritant on the husk also. Perhaps that information is also in the encyclopedia, I'd have to look through it again.

Have you tried Connie's Spumoni Ice Cream? I think the family will also agree on that one!

With blessings and peace,


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