Another Way To Open Coconuts

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Dear Rhio:

Thanks so much for putting me on your free monthly email list.

For getting open young coconuts, a hatchet is much safer than a machete! I used to use a machete, and it is very dangerous. I bought a hatchet at a hardware store. It's not only safer, it's easier to get the coco open! Hatchets aren't as sharp as a machete. Also, a hatchet's blade is very short in length compared to a machete. It seems much easier controlled. It took just a few swings to get my bearings on aim. You still use the same procedure: on the ground outside, on hard flat surface, etc… I love young cocos!

I love your expansive Directories section of your site. Also nice to hear your voice! Thanks for all you do.

Steve Scharmer (a/k/a rawman)

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Note: These instructions are for the huge green coconuts or the Thai white coconuts, NOT the brown, small, circular ones with a rock-hard shell.

Also, before splitting any coconut, drain the water and drink it (or use in a smoothie or juice) – very nutritious. For young or Thai cocos, punch 2 holes with a large Phillips screwdriver (punch it down far!), stick a straw in and drink, or drain in a container by holding it up or propping it to let drain. You need 2 holes for pressurization. If the water tastes foul, the coco flesh will not be good either. They don't have a long shelf life, use them or lose them! Keep them in the fridge until used if possible, especially the Thai ones.

Note that a meat cleaver also works, but it also, like the machete is more dangerous, than a hatchet. I also used to, after draining the water, go outside and throw the young coco up as high in the air as I could, letting it land on the street. It took 20 throws to get one open, and I figured I better figure something else out before my arm falls off!

I placed an order with Maj Nathanson (the Raw Creation) after finding him in your directories. He asked where I got his name, and I told him blame it on Rhio! He was glad (he said "Oh, Rhio!"). I also found through your directory that Bradenton, FL has a twice monthly raw potluck. I had given up on the greater Tampa Bay area having a raw gathering. How cool. Thanks a trillion Rhio!

Steve, the rawman

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