Am I Hoping for a Miracle?

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thanks for the quick response to questions earlier.

on your website – you mentioned going to a spa in new york and then working some days then going back there. where is there ?

also, i am working for a woman who had thyroid problems and ended up having it burnt out with radioactive isotopes and is now on throid medication… she was hospitalized over one year ago for 10 1/2 months in a pyschiatric hospital… i came to work for her last june to help her transition back into regular life. well, she is highly medicated and still depressed. she was/is a compulsive eater of high protein diet. we have moved alot into veggies, a sort of energy soup and apples/bananas. alissa cohen (raw foods chef) came and did a consult and she is trying to eat raw. have you ever experienced success with depession/thyroid/weight issues ? am i hoping for a miracle ? if you have time to answer or to direct me – i would appreciate the help. the depression is pervasive and debilitating – no motivation to exercise…the doctors are in control because of the drugs. thank-you,


ps…….i have been devouring the bulletins on living-foods.

Dear MJ,

The spa that I went to in New York is called The New Age Health Spa. It is upstate in a town called Neversink. At the New Age, unfortunately, they do not advocate raw foods. But because the previous owners had built up a strong reputation for raw juice fasting, they continue to provide this for their guests who request it. It is a beautiful spa – in many ways very progressive – but they will not even have raw food speakers there because they say that their clientele doesn't go for it. I'm not sure who they had before – maybe David Jubb (I know he did a sweat lodge there) – but they seem very rigid in this aspect.

It is still a very good spa and if you want to eat (instead of juice fasting) they do provide plenty of raw organic salads. The last number I have on them is (845) 985-7601 – If that is not current – I'm sure you can get it from information.

I'm sorry to hear about your client's problems.

I am not a medical practitioner of any kind, so please take the following only as an exchange of information and ideas.

I'm not sure about normalization of the thyroid after medical interference to the extent that you describe. Unfortunately some medical practices may damage the body's ability to normalize. In my Real Letters section there is a letter from someone who, through the raw diet, was able to reduce her thyroid medication by half in only a couple of months. That letter is in the Real Letters/Health Challenges section. She did not have her thyroid "burnt out with radioactive isotopes" though.

I see your client's main problem as being depression. Perhaps you can find out what moves her soul? What makes her happy? Depression can be worsened by wrong diet, and certainly by drugs, but from my understanding, depression is a level of consciousness that needs to be raised. A good way to do it is to find out what moves or motivates the person. All people have hopes and dreams and ambitions but the depressed person has let go of those. Basically, they have let go of life. People can sometimes recapture some of their zest for living through service to others. As an example, if they help a child less fortunate, that will sometimes reawaken or rekindle the spirit and give them something to live for. I'm not sure if your client is so inclined or even able at this time.

A good book that I would recommend to you though is: Power vs. Force – The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David Hawkins. This might help you – since you work with people who need help. has it – approx. $11.

According to this book, Apathy (Depression) has an energy level of 50. If you could get her to Grief (Energy Level 75) or Fear (Energy Level 100) or even Anger (Energy Level 150) she would improve. While grief, fear and anger are not the best levels of consciousness to be at — they are definitely steps UP from depression and apathy.

You say your client is highly medicated, so I imagine that she is taking more than just the thyroid medication. If she could be slowly weaned from those medications, perhaps find a nutritionally oriented medical doctor (and there are a few) who would be willing to help her get off all but the thyroid medication.

If she doesn't want to exercise, then body massages could substitute temporarily. I do know an exercise coach (private trainer) in NY who is super reasonable in price and very nice too. Let me know if you should want his number.

Also, there are certain therapies that might be looked into, such as chelation therapy, or oxygen chamber, vitamin C drip, etc. You say "am I hoping for a miracle?" Yes you are, and happily, miracles do happen every day.

Wishing you and your client all the best of everything good.

With blessings and peace,


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