Am I Allergic to Pecans!?

In a message dated 1/5/02 7:12:18 PM, Patrickco writes:

Hey Rhio,

remember how i was telling you that there were little bumps all over my tongue? Well i think i have found out what causes it.. Pecans!! I was eating some and i noticed how it was like they make my mouth feel very very dry and weird… After eating a handful, I started noticing that my tongue really felt dry & weird.. so I looked in the mirror and the bumps were back!!!! So I guess this means i am allergic to them??? I should stay away from pecans???


Dear Patrick,

Try soaking them overnight and see if it still happens. I know when I eat pecans that I just freshly break out of the shell sometimes I get a weird feeling in my mouth too. This is because dust from the inside of the shell, which clings to the pecans, is very bitter and can irritate my mouth, but I'm not allergic to pecans. When pecans are soaked overnight, there wouldn't be any dust from the shell left on them. Try that first before ditching them altogether.


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