Allow Your Attention to Be Charmed by the Divine

Allow Your Attention to Be Charmed by the Divine
by Taansen and Shirsha

It is infinitely important for us to keep our focus on what we’re for.
What we put our attention on, grows in our lives.

We adhere to the wisdom that there is no benefit in excessive attention on what we’re against.
There definitely IS tremendous benefit in more attention on what we’re for.

“He who keeps his face towards the sun, will find that the shadows fall behind him.”
–old Native American saying

“Your beliefs create your reality. If you don’t believe this is true, the reality you create
by not believing it, proves that it is true.”
–Harry Palmer

Imagine a scale . . .

On one side, is the positive; everything that is life supportive; our “yes” to life . . . When we think positive . . . we add our support to this side.

On the other side, is the negative; anything that is life destructive; our resistance to what is; our “no” to life . . . When we think negative . . . we add our support to this side.

Whenever we judge, criticize, argue, or are unhappy with what is (going on) . . . we join with our energy the side we want to stay away from! Be careful . . . our thoughts are so powerful. We are creating the world we live in . . .

All our thoughts are like stones we all send in the Universal pond of energy. Like in a pond of water . . . a stone will creates ripples . . . and affects everything and when it reaches the land, it will come back to the one who sent it . . .

We do not solve the problem of darkness by fighting with the darkness. It is a losing battle! We just bring the light in. It is that simple.

What do you want to see? Give that to the world! You want to see more Love in the world? Give that to the world.

What we focus on . . . grows. This is Natural Law.

Keep smiling . . . focus only on what you want and the good events will be here sooner.

When a child did something wrong . . . when we punish the “bad boy”, we end up having a bad boy, as that is the one we talked to.

If we give him love and respect and show him the bad action he did, he will realise he did something wrong. From the center of Love we understand things. From the ego point it is difficult. When a child sees, feels he is loved he wants to do better and improve.

The big children are creating chaos to create fear, and invite our reactions, which feed them. See them for what they are. Send them Love and focus on what you want. This will create a different reality in your world.

We are here to awaken our full potential; remembering who we are; what we came here to do. Anchoring the Love and Light on this planet. Participating in creating the Golden Age; an Age of Love, Peace, Abundance, Perfect Health; It is happening.

You should see a video: The Yellow Submarine. It’s a classic masterpiece Beatles cartoon from 1968 with a lot of truth and wisdom. You will see the “Blue Meanies” monsters being transformed . . . Love and Light defeated them, not with violence or fighting, but rather with Love, Light, and Music . . . You will understand and have good laughs . . . (I saw it 3 or 4 times) . . . the movie is available in rental stores, and it is still every bit as relevant to what is going on today as it was 35 years ago . . . it is immortal. The Age of Enlightenment dawns at the end, to the tune of “All You Need Is Love” . . .

Let it go on record that this was more than a cartoon. It was a sacred prophecy of the way it is actually happening . . .

Sending you waves of Love,



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