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Regarding Info on: Raw Energy Hotline – June 2002

Hi Rhio

I respect your views on everything here & even took action on the item pertaining to GE-food, because that's ludicrous. On the issue of the death penalty, while their is validity to your point(s), I cannot take action against it because I feel it's just. It's easy for people to defend people when they have not been victims, but if we should be on "the other side" & have a family member killed by an "animal" like the ones that blew up WTC. I am sorry. Long live live foods, though!

Dear John,

We don't have to agree on every issue to still work together for the betterment of humankind and the protection of Nature. I respect your views, and thank you for your tolerance of my views.

With blessings and peace,


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Hi Rhio, I "hear you" (NY talk). I just didn't want people (at least on this mailing list) to think that everybody who is into liv foods necessarily agrees w/everything else (although we do see a lot of things the same). Thanks.

Dear John,

I've lost a few people off this list (not too many) because of my views. So when you say I "hear you" it's good to know that we've left the doors open and with open doors, dialog and communication can continue. I like it when we can agree to disagree cordially, respectfully and tolerantly.

Hey, haven't you noticed that even all the raw food enthusiasts don't agree on much. There's the fruitarians, the sproutarians, the breatharians, the raw meat eaters, the vegans, the don't eat fermented foods group, the fermented foods feed your intestinal flora proponents, the pro enema and colonics, the anti enemas and colonics, the drink the water, the you don't have to drink the water because this food is high in water content, the grains cause damage vs. sprouted grains are ok, the don't eat dehydrated foods, etc., etc., etc.

With blessings and peace,


postscript 2006 – I would have told John to check out this website where 173 people have been released from death row because DNA evidence has proved them innocent, but these are new developments. Just another reason, if we need one, to not kill people. R 

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