A Thread About Acceptance, Helpfulness, Kindness and Friendship in the Raw Community

May 10, 2002, de Vie wrote:

Here's a recipe and some questions –

super-invigorating warming circulation-improving drink:

*cayenne (to taste)
*honey or other nutritious sweetener (not too much)
*spring water
*fresh squeezed lemon
*juice of ginger root – yum yum!

(p.s. i assume cayenne powder is in fact "raw"? is honey also "raw"? Yes, I do know the non-vegan argument about it.)

–other questions:

-Can you sprout beans from just the regular dry beans you might buy in the bulk sections?
-Is soaking nuts only for aesthetic reasons, or is it for health reasons also?
-Is uncooked "oat bran" considered "raw"?

de Vie


From Keith:

what ever happened with keeping the system PURE and SWEET? doesn't anybody eat (almost) natural state food any longer? anybody legitimately RAW on this group??


In a message dated 5/11/02 7:32:55 AM, de Vie writes:


I was very scared about joining any raw groups/etc. because of exactly this, since I am not 100% raw and am relatively new to the doctrine – i.e., I was scared of *ELITISM*. I don't see what wasn't pure and sweet about my post, especially since I am trying to learn about Raw and certainly not putting anybody down at all. How are you going to attract more people to becoming fully Raw, if that's what you believe people should be, if you put down and disgrace someone who's trying to learn information about it??? It definitely doesn't make any sense to me. But I'm sure you're the exception and not the rule, so I will still go on my merry way and try find some friendship in the raw community.

de Vie


From Sean:

hey keith-

not sure what your interpretation of "pure and sweet" may be, but for me it's more than just eating raw food brother. I've learned that raw food is an amazing, powerful tool on a spiritual path, but the trap is that we often look for THE answer. It has more to do with MIND than diet. Paying attention to my thoughts is a full-time job itself, and diet does relate to what goes on in my head, that's why it's a great tool, but it won't solve the tendency to create disharmony in my life through undisciplined and negative thinking.

A saying goes, thoughts create, what are you thinking, now choose.

Wishing you well-



From Rhio:

Dear de Vie,

As happens in any community, in the raw community you will find all kinds of people and all kinds of opinions. Some people are judgmental — but in my experience, most are very, very supportive, and will go out of their way to guide you or lend a hand.

There was nothing not pure and sweet about your recipe or questions.

We welcome you with open arms.

With blessings and peace,



de Vie wrote:

Thank you Rhio! I appreciate it! Have a great day.


From Judy: www.rawfoodsnewsmagazine.com

I completely agree with Rhio. We in the raw community welcome everyone who is interested in trying raw foods. It can take a long time to transition, and it can be difficult because restaurants and family and friends often don't make it easy for us. But by supporting each other we can come a long way.

Please feel free to ask anything, even if you think it is silly. It's not!



In a message dated 5/13/02 8:44:04 AM, Keith wrote: {in answer to Sean above}


thanks for the insight. it's easy to be SPIRITUAL: one need only profess it. alot harder to be legitimately raw. 'quasi' is better than 'pseudo' but neither approach 'elemental'

meditate on that

i'll just eat.



May 13, 2002, Rhio wrote:

Dear Keith,

If it was easy to BE spiritual we wouldn't be having this discussion.

We're really talking about acceptance. Acceptance of other people no matter where on the path to a raw food lifestyle they are. No one has to measure up to your standards, only their own. If people are eating a predominantly raw diet and occasionally include, for example, soaked wild rice, nutritional yeast, cayenne powder (which may or may not be dried at high temperatures), what's wrong with that? Why are you making such a fuss over it. You think people are fooling themselves? Then it would suffice just to say in a helpful way that these items are not raw, but not be so superior about it.

In my experience with the raw food lifestyle, I've found that for myself and others the predominantly raw diet will, over time, lead people to a simplification. We don't have to preach it, we don't have to pressure it, we, most of all, do not have to speak in condescending tones — refining the diet and simplification is just something that happens naturally as the body becomes its own best ally in its quest for health.

I don't buy your fake yawn. If the discussion was that boring – you wouldn't be continuing it. Why don't you reintegrate back into the harmony of the group by changing your attitude and being kinder in your responses? We are here to support you too – I'm sure I don't speak just for myself.



In a message dated 05/13/2002 3:54:24 PM Albert writes:

dear ones, this e-group is designed to be a place of support and encouragement. i see the necessary "rubbing of stones" happening here. whenever two or more stones are placed together (as we are in this group) any movement (our living-foods discussion) will cause the stones to rub against each other and begin to smooth out the sharpness. i pray our "tumbling" will in the end create many beautiful GEMS!



Judy writes:

Thanks, Albert, very well put!

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