A Strong, Clear, Beautiful Musical Note

Imagine that your Source Energy, your Inner Being, your God Force, your God Self, your Soul – whatever you want to call that Non-physical part of you – is projecting to you at all times a strong, clear, beautiful musical note, and you can hear it in the background all the time. When you give your attention to something, whether you are looking right at it, whether you're remembering it, whether you're imagining it, whether you're Scripting it – whatever you are giving your attention to causes you also to offer a note. So if you are basking or finding value in something – appreciating something – in that case, the note that you are offering is in such vibrational harmony with your Inner Note that you can feel the resonance between the two notes.
That's what joy is. That's what appreciation is. That's what love is. It's your resonating with who you really are. But let's say, instead, that you are finding fault – seeing lack, seeing something you don't want, trying to hold it away, pushing against something. In that case, your note would be so out of harmony with your Inner Note, you would feel the discord of that. That's what negative emotion is.

When you start feeling how your thoughts feel, then you start recognizing when you are allowing and when you're resisting. But as long as you are just thinking thoughts, those old habitual thoughts feel normal even though they're full of resistance.


G9/10/95 San Francisco

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