A New Model For Curing & Preventing Aids

A New Model for Curing and Preventing AIDS
by Patrick Wright, Ph.D.

The number of people with AIDS is horrific. The number of people who have died or will die from so-called "opportunistic diseases" which the body cannot fight because of an "acquired immune deficiency" is even more horrific. These casualties will wipe out a large part of the population of many African countries.

Guy-Claude Burger outlines on his web site "A new theoretical Model of the Phenomenon Virus" (Ein neues theoretisches Modell vom Phaenomen des Virus; wysiwyg://35/http://www.tierversuchsgegner.org/Impfen/virus.html) a new etiology. Traditional medical theory considers viruses to be only pathogenic (disease causing). However, contrary to this common explanation of viral infections, Burger has noticed "in several cases … that virus-infected people did not show any signs of the particular disease. But they developed the typical symptoms only hours after their ingestion of 'traditional foods.'" Burger had observed these people up to 20 years. Obviously, the consumption of "traditional food" triggers viral diseases. Burger is not the only one who has made such an observation.

In his article "Harness the Immune System" in the San Francisco Chronicle of 6/4/01 University of California, Medical School San Francisco's (UCSF) Dr. Jay Levy writes that "not everyone infected with HIV develops AIDS."

It must be the combination of bad food and HIV-infection that triggers it. HIV funnels its DNA into cells and becomes a part of them. That explains why the HIV can't be "killed" by medications like antibiotics. At least so far no one has succeeded in shooting with drugs at HIV in an attempt to "cure" the acquired immune deficiency called AIDS. However, AIDS has been successfully cured by re-establishing a healthy immune system through healthy food. Healthy food establishes a healthy chemistry which comes with a healthy immune system. "A healthy immune system can take care of all kinds of viruses" UCSF's Dr. Levy told participants and audience of the panel discussion "Aids in Africa" at the World Affairs Council (WAC) in San Francisco in July of 2001.

Burger concludes with his acumen as mathematician and physicist that a virus may not only be pathogenic. Viruses may also have a metabolic function like the bacteria of the intestinal tract (which are also a part of the immune system). The fact that a virus becomes a part of the "infected" cells supports Burger's view that the virus is supposed to help the cells eliminate foreign molecules from food that has been degenerated by light, heat, oxidation or food processing in general. The same refers to molecules from alcohol, tobacco and drugs which the cell's own genes can't control to eliminate. This metabolic function of a virus may also be the reason for viral multiplication which may result from the necessity to eliminate large quantities of foreign molecules. This reasoning would as well explain the genetic variety of many viruses. It could result from the variety of foreign molecules that don't belong in the cells of the human body and have to be eliminated.

Dr. Levy's and Burger's observation that an HIV-infected person does not automatically trigger AIDS shows that Burger's ideas, obviously, are not fundamentally different from traditional medicine. Unfortunately, Burger shares the fate of the Danish physician Dr. Kristine Nolfi. Both have been sued for practicing medicine without a licence because they have cured cancer patients simply by teaching them what to eat.

But there are also favorable voices. Dr. Jean Seignalet, Senior Lecturer of Medicine at the University of Montpellier (France) says on his web site Anopsology Forward (http://www.rawtimes.com/anopsy3.html) that "Burger is not an imposter." "I met Guy-Claude Burger while attending a lecture he gave in Montpellier. I was struck by his acumen, his knowledge, the soundness of his remarks. Five years on, and in spite of having since carefully gone over his writings with a fine-toothed comb, I still have not found the chink in his armor."

Presumably no one else would be able to find a chink in the armor of nutritionist Gary Null, Ph.D. On July 28, 1997 on the PBS Brown Show, Gary Null presented former AIDS patients who had followed his advice for rebuilding a strong immune system by nutritional means. They had freed themselves from AIDS. They hadn't even HIV antibodies in their blood any longer. They had cured their AIDS.

Unfortunately, the belief that pills can cure AIDS continues. NEWSWEEK Magazine illustrates the result of the belief in drugs as healers of food-related diseases on the cover of its June 11, 2001 issue. It reads "Dying on the Cocktail." Obviously, the "cocktail" of drugs for the cure of AIDS kills. NEWSWEEK's sturdy belief is not even tested by its own admission on page 39: "In announcing the isolation of HIV, federal health officials famously predicted that a vaccine would enter clinical trials within two years and reach market within three. Seventeen years later experts still agree that a vaccine is our best hope of ending the pandemic." In these 17 years more than 20 million people have died from AIDS. This number alone should be reason enough to start thinking and acting in a new way because the treatment paths of the past did not render the desired results.

We need to begin considering as wrong what cannot cure and as right what can cure. The attempt of curing AIDS by boosting the immune system with pills can't cure either. A healthy and strong immune system is the other side of the coin of a healthy chemistry. Both result from the right quality and right quantity of the 100 or so nutrients of our food. The body makes from these 100 nutrients some 100,000 substances to keep everything going. That's why it seems to be reasonable to say that AIDS is the combined result of the long-term consumption of too much food that has not been food-for-humans and the invasion of the virus HIV. It is the food-impaired immune system that allows HIV to do its destructive work. A strong immune system can handle all kinds of "germs," including HIV, as we know from UCSF's Dr. Levy. However, Dr. Levy's hope, expressed at the WAC panel discussion in San Francisco, is not conceivable. He hopes that a pill would soon be available to boost the immune system. Does he know that a healthy immune system is the reflection of the food we eat, not the reflection of drugs? It is too dangerous and too expensive to try to maintain or bring back health by medical intervention.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports in Volume 272 of 12/21/1994: Standard hospital therapy injured 98,609 patients in New York State in 1984. "Nearly 14% of these injuries (13,805) were fatal. If these rates are typical for the United Sates, then 180,000 people die each year partly as a result of iatrogenic (treatment induced, P.W.) injury, the equivalent of 3 jumbo jet crashes every 2 days." That means 1.4 million Americans are injured each year by standard hospital therapy if we project nationwide New York's number of standard hospital injuries.

Ralph Nader found in his 3-year-study, published in 1996, that "300,000 Americans are killed each year in hospitals alone as a result of medical negligence."

What is the reason for this dismal record? It is not intention. It is probably not even negligence. What is it? Isn't the reason behind all of it the popular thought that we are the free agents of our bodies and that we can do with them whatever we like to do to them, such as exposing them to tobacco, to alcohol and, in particular, eating mostly degenerated food – because it does not kill immediately? We need to learn that our health is our own responsibility. There is only one place to practice real health care. That is our dining table, i.e. what kind of food we put on it. It can't be wrong to eat as our genetic set-up requires. It does not cause side effects. It does not kill like drug cocktails. However, eating as we are supposed to eat comes with the prospect that it prevents or even cures disease such as AIDS. That's why we should learn from Guy-Claude Burger whom Dr. Seignalet considers "to be a brilliant, cultured, and sensible researcher who deserves our attention and impartial judgement."

University of California Berkeley's Nobel Laureate Dr. Peter Duesberg thinks along the same lines as Burger. He explains in several books that no one dies from AIDS. People with an acquired immune deficiency called AIDS die from so-called opportunistic diseases. Dr. Duesberg is the foremost expert in retroviruses. HIV is a retrovirus.

Luc Montaigner, the French scientist who first isolated HIV in 1983, now believes also that HIV alone cannot cause AIDS.

Having adopted this view, I cannot agree with UCSF's oncologist Dr. Donald Abrams who wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine of 9/12/01 "protease inhibitors … have helped HIV-infected patients retain healthy immune systems." How can a protease inhibitor achieve to retain the health of all parts of the immune system, from bacterial flora to white blood cells? The deaths of the AIDS patients he mentions in the same article speak against his statement. Shouldn't the first order be to completely stop putting additional foreign molecules (like in hospital food) into the intricacy of the body chemistry by switching to food-for-humans? It would reduce the need to increase the number of viruses. Food-for-humans provides the body also with everything to correctly regenerate our genes. Dr. Schnitzer has proven it. He advised parents who had children with crooked teeth that father-to-be and mother-to-be eat only 100% raw plant food. Their new children had perfectly formed gums and teeth.

Patrick Wright, Ph. D., is the author of Food for Humans, wherein he documents the research done in Europe by many doctors treating patients with the raw food diet.

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