A Good Way to Address Parasites

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Dear Rhio,

I have 2 questions. 1). Can you tell me a good way to address parasites, while being a raw fooder? 2). Where do you buy Willard water?

Thank you very much.



Dear Shilpa,

I am not a practitioner of any kind, so please accept the following only as an exchange of information and ideas.

Parasites can be cleaned out in many different ways.

To understand how parasites take hold in the body, the best books I know of that explain the problem are by Dr. Hulda Clark, such as The Cure for All Diseases and The Cure for All Cancers. I recommend these books because they describe the connection between parasites and chemical pollution of the body in detail. Some of the chemicals she talks about are hiding out in products that we use on our skin, like shampoos, soaps, toothpaste and cosmetics. Some of the chemicals are leached out through amalgam (mercury) fillings in the teeth. Some are in the foods of the Standard American Diet. There are many more sources (like outgassing of furniture and rugs) and she goes into it very thoroughly.

While Hulda Clark has been getting positive results with the diet that she recommends (NOT RAW), I believe you can get the same or better results by following the raw lifestyle while at the same time removing the sources of pollution that she defines. So, while I believe that she has hit upon the source of the problem of parasites, I do not believe that she offers the best solution, although it's undeniable that her program has worked for THOUSANDS of people.

Dr. Hulda Clark advocates, among other things, using a "zapper," which produces a low voltage electrical current that goes through the body and "zaps" parasites. It's explained fully in her books.

So – #1 on the list is cleaning up your physical environment of chemicals. Don't keep any kind of chemicals in your house. Use old fashioned type cleaning products, like plain old vinegar, and Hulda has suggestions for lots of safe substitutes.

Other things that can help are:

Fermented Foods, like Raw Sauerkraut
Herbs (recommended by an Herbalist for short term usage)
Garlic and Hot Peppers (if you can tolerate them)
Dr. Schulze's Super Tonic (see Hooked on Raw for recipe)
Switching to mostly vegetables and sprouts for a while and limiting sweet fruit

Willard Water can be obtained from my website's shopping mall: www.rawfoodinfo.com

Hoping this information gives you a starting point for investigation.

With blessings and peace,


PS: Since others have asked for this information also, may I use your letter to me in my Real Letters section of my website? Thank you. R.

January 8, 2002

Dear Rhio,

I am so appreciative of your answer – the detail and reasoning you've provided. You may use my name in your write-up section. Thank you so much.



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