A Brilliant Madness, An Accurate Depiction of John Nash’s Illness & Recovery

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A BRILLIANT MADNESS is the PBS documentary now on DVD where the truth is told regarding Nobel Prize Winner and Princeton Mathematician John Nash.

Not to be confused with The Hollywood A BEAUTIFUL MIND which told the big pharma and big psychiatric lie that John Nash controls his so-called schizophrenia with atypical brain disabling chemicals. He has been big pharma chemical free for over 35 years and attributes NOT taking the chemicals to his recovery.

PBS did a great job in telling the truth of John Nash having his brain destroyed by a psychiatric assault of insulin shock and electro-shock every other day for six months followed by the strong regime of neuroleptics.

Nash in this documentary says he never started to recover till his insurance ran out and he was no longer being "treated".

Nash says clearly that he stopped taking the brain chemicals in order to get well – and after thirty years drug and treatment free slowly his brain came back. His suffering was not mental illness but recovery from brain traumas delivered by psychiatry.

His only so-called illness was that he felt he was being contacted by aliens with new information. He said that Edison also thought that his inventions came from the sun. If left alone or if he found a supportive shrink like Harvard's John Mack who does not rule out the creative mind often using metaphors such as Aliens he would not have been shocked so severly that he "lost" his brain through criminal abuse. Insulin shock today is recognized as a true crime worldwide.

Nash says clearly on this PBS film that he never had a visual hallucination as the movie depicted and never heard voices that he did not consider his own mind. As a matter of fact when asked "why did you believe in the idea of aliens" – Nash says becuase it came from the same part of my mind that the science was coming from.

This is an important film for the community to see because it shows how the culture in the form of movies exaggerates and changes facts to inflame the popular imagination of the psychiatic healing of "sick" minds in utter disregard for the truth which in the case of Nash his brain was destroyed by chemical psychiatry.

Sixty minutes long with great interviews of actual Nash friends and family. Great interview with Sylvia Nasar his biographer who was outraged at the Hollywood lies. And a long interview with Nash himself.


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