The World Isn’t Broken

GUEST:…judging what we're creating and what we're doing about thinking and feeling and that, if it feels right and feels good inside, then you're creating in a way that's for your, you know, your greater benefit. Like an example of, like…last night I went home, I was watching Rambo on TV which isn't a very enlightened movie, but I enjoyed it; I really enjoyed the action and what was happening. And so, it makes me wonder, are there things that…and there's other things that I do in my life that I think, "This isn't a very enlightened thing to do," but, I feel good doing it.

ABRAHAM: Rather than evaluating whether it's enlightened or not, evaluate how it feels. In other words, as you're watching Rambo, you could be concentrating upon the agility of his body, you could be concentrating upon his ability to get done what he has intended to get done. You could be concentrating upon his passion for his work. In other words, within everything, there are positive and negative aspects, and if you are feeling good, as connected to the Nonphysical Energy as you are, then that means that you are looking at the aspects of it — in other words, did you feel more powerful as you watched it?

GUEST: You know, those things that you said rang true. It was like getting something accomplished, of doing something that was difficult to do, and you know, making it happen is what…

ABRAHAM: And there is another part of you that knows that all of that stuff that is offered, any blood that you see, is not real. In other words, you are accepting it as a game. That's why we say, if you're watching a horror movie and it horrifies you, then you are vibrationally allowing something you do not want. If you're watching a comedy, and it horrifies you, or if you're watching a comedy and it amuses you — in other words…you can't judge anything at face value. The emotion that it evokes from you is your indicator of where you are vibrating relative to it, you see. Were there any parts of the movie that bothered you?

GUEST: I don't think so, no. There were parts that made me feel apprehensive, although I've seen it two or three times. But it was, you know, the parts that made me feel like a little bit scared…

ABRAHAM: And so, as you felt that negative contrast, you quickly, particularly because you'd seen it before, were able to focus upon the positive outcome or at least…

GUEST: It was going to work out. He was going to get a release from the prison and all that.

ABRAHAM: All is well there. In other words, it is never appropriate to throw a blanket over anything, and call it all the same. Sometimes someone will have read a book and they will say to us, "Well, Abraham, what do you think about the book?" And we say, "Which part of it are you talking about?"

In other words, it's not what we think about the book that is important to you, it's how you felt about the book that is important to you. You see what we are getting at? It's, "What did that book trigger in me in terms of wanting and in terms of my awareness of where I am relative to what I'm wanting?" That's the only thing that's important about anything.

So, could we put films of a violent nature all in one category? We couldn't, could we? In other words, here is a film, that by many standards, is considered to be very violent and yet, you, a connected being, sat and actually enjoyed it. Where there could be a movie of another nature where there is some sinister plot or…

The movies that Esther has a very difficult time watching, now, are the ones that are more what are based on actual reality, where there's someone constantly putting down someone, where she's watching the diminishment of the spirit taking place. Where people are just being rude to each other, and she sees that constant whittling of self-respect. And those movies are much more difficult for Esther to watch than movies of the pretense of violence. Well, it is an undertone of self disempowerment. In other words, most things are sort of projected toward that, because people do not feel very powerful.

But the thing that we want to remind you is that there can be a tendency to want to condemn the media or condemn the agencies that produce the films, condemn the networks for what they are showing you, when what they are doing is responding to the mass consciousness of your population. In other words, they are giving you what you are vibrationally asking for, and the way they evaluate what you're asking for is by what you watch. It is all dollar motivated but, it is actually very well organized and in harmony with the true intent of people. In other words, you're all getting exactly what you deserve, and we do not mean that in a judgmental sense. We mean vibrationally; [what] you are attracting.

So what we talk about in these gatherings is, "Do I want to be part of mass consciousness? Do I want to be one who receives the results of what mass consciousness is vibrating — or do I choose to be a more individual vibrator? Do I choose to think for myself, or am I going to be programmed to my thinking by what is being offered?"

Well, that goes back to the very first thing we said yesterday, or one of the first things, and that is, most people are responding to conditions. So they watch something which causes them to vibrationally respond which causes them to emit another vibration which attracts another television program just like it. But then there are few of you who are not pleased by that, and as you're not pleased by it, or a lot of you that are not pleased by it, what do you do? You still talk about what you're not pleased by, so what does that do? That creates more of it, too. But then, there are even a fewer of you who are not pleased by it who have the foresight to understand what would please you, who actually spend time finding that feeling place — and you attract some of those uplifting, delightful depictions of physical experience that actually do empower and uplift the masses who see it, you see?

What is your work? Is your work to fix a broken world? The world isn't broken, friends. It is an extraordinary, rather well-balanced arena of creating which contains enough contrast to stimulate your awareness of what is wanted. So, as you realize that it isn't broken and you realize that your work is to find your connection to the pure Energy that created it to begin with, your work is to allow the Energy to flow through you as you hold objects of attention — then you are the extension of that creator. We want to give you a sort of picture to sort of bring this all together. You've been hearing us, and you reflected it back to us very accurately, when you hold this image of you, the flow-er, or you the perceiver holding an object of attention out there and therefore shooting a rocket of Energy toward that vortex, so you are the creator that launches a creation and then that creation that you have launched begins to pulse, in and of itself, and then, by Law of Attraction, it begins to attract unto itself — so other thingsthat are like it are drawn to it — and when it gets big enough it will reach back and summon you to action.

That's the way it works.

In other words, you perceive of it, or conceive of it, you launch it, you give it birth, so to speak. Then it, in and of itself, begins to attract other things that are like it. Now you might continue to add to it and mold it and shape it, but it is pulsing and growing, in and of itself. Now as it gets large enough, it will reach back and inspire you to it. In other words, that's when you get this impulse or compulsion to take action.

So now consider this. From your Nonphysical perspective, you envisioned a physical time and place; a physical time and place of greater contrast where you could work and play and move forward. You envisioned a place like planet Earth. So, as you conceived of it, enough of you from your Nonphysical perspective began flowing Energy toward that until that concept, called a physical time and place, began to take shape and form, and when it was ready then it reached back and called you forth — and then physical beings came forth to live upon the planet. So now here you are, living upon the planet, a physical being, a physical being who is the creation of the Nonphysical creator. So you are not only the creator, you are the creation. And now what is your work as this creation/creator who lives in this physical body? What have we been talking about all the time we've been together? Vibrationally allowing the Energy that is naturally you to flow through you! So here you were, the Nonphysical creator projecting the physical creation, and now the physical creation is flowing Energy to allow the creator to flow back through him so that he can continue to be the creator. You getting the sense of what we're talking about? When you hear people talking about us all being one, that's what they're talking about. We call it, or you call it, perpetual motion or perpetual beingness. In other words, I have perceived this, now I'm living it, and I call back the Source that created it, to begin with, in order to perceive more that will again call back that which created it to perceive more. This is why eternity is assured, because the Nonphysical Energy will eternally flow.

We know it's a bit heavy and a bit deep but, we want you to get a sense of the eternalness of that which you are. And we want you to get the sense that no matter what, you do you cannot mess it up! You cannot cease to be. You cannot disallow that Energy to come forth for any long period of time. You can pinch it off in the moment, you can be negatively enough focused that you disallow the pure Energy from flowing, in any moment but, your eternal freedom and growth and joy, we promise you, is assured.

This is just a little sales job that we are doing to assist you in coming into that sense of Well-being. We want you to know that all is well! Some of you are hoping that it is, some of you are wanting it to be, some of you are yearning that it is — and we want you to know that all IS well. And, in your knowing of it, you begin allowing more of it in your day-to-day experience.


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