When Falsehoods are Presented About Foods

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I listened to your spot on the radio today regarding sugared cereal and the unnecessary use of Ritalin caused by the use of sugar. You obviously don’t know the facts about ADHD and the correlation between nutrition, foods, additives, etc. and the disease. Pureness in food is a good thing. However, when falsehoods are presented about foods, nutrition, and diseases, it makes what you are presenting out to be unbelievable as well.

December 1, 2002

Dear Bruce and Connie,

Thank you for your message regarding my radio show.

In a two-minute show, where I am also giving a recipe, it is very difficult to cover all or even some of the possible reasons for ADD or ADHD to develop. Of course, as you suggest, there are other correlations. Sometimes there can be one reason, but more often it is a combination of factors that contribute to hyperactivity. However, I do emphatically stand by my assertion that refined sugar is an important factor, based on the work of Dr. Lendon Smith and others. If you are interested in exploring Dr. Smith’s work, you can do a Google search. Here is one link to an article by Dr. Smith: www.smithsez.com/ADHDandADD.html

In this article, Dr. Smith clearly states that one of his protocols for hyperactive children is to have them “consume no sugar.”

In a recent TV biographical story on the child actor Macauley Culkin, it was stated that when he was making the movie “Uncle Buck”, Macauley was very hyperactive. They used the terms “bouncing off the walls.” The producers were thinking of replacing him on the film when it was discovered that his diet consisted mainly of candy bars, donuts and other sugary items. His diet was changed and the story said that his behavior changed shortly thereafter and he was able to continue on the film.

I don’t expect people to agree with my ideas on health, nutrition and eating, especially since these ideas are often diametrically opposed to mainstream views on the subject. I do hope that some of the ideas will stimulate people to think about the predominance of processed, adulterated and dead foods that they are consuming, and lead them to question their food choices.

In your last sentence to me, you state “However, when falsehoods are presented about foods. . .” Refined sugar, in my opinion and in the opinion of many others, is not a food. It does not have any vitamins, minerals or phytonutrients in it. It is a pure carbohydrate chemical. It does not belong in the diet of any person who values their health. (see ref below)

Considering that the major food manufacturers and purveyors spend billions of dollars targeting children to eat what amounts to candy bars, presented as healthy meals, and have advertisements plastered over the walls of school halls and have even invaded school cafeterias with their fast food franchises, my small voice is giving people something to think about.


Rhio’s Raw Energy

Ref: Fast Food Nation, The Dark Side of the All American Meal by Eric Schlosser
Ref: Sugar Blues by William Dufty

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