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November 2, 2005

Dear Rhio,

… your website is packed with links and info which is so great! I am sure it can be a chore at times keeping it updated. Keep it up! And, I love your book for the great recipes and the health info in the beginning.

Health to All,


October 24, 2005

HI Rhio

You are awesome and your book is great! Thank you for creating so much energy out there around live foods!

I hope that our paths may cross one day soon, and I'll keep you posted on the reprint of our Uncookbooks, The Art of Raw.



In a message dated 9/29/05 3:41:46 PM, Jennifer writes:

Hi Rhio!

I was receiving email newsletters from you, but haven't received any since you went to California on a long trip
some months ago. Have I been dropped from the list, or have there been no newsletters sent out in a long time?

Can't wait to start hearing from you again.

Love and light,


Dear Jennifer,

I had to take some time off from writing the newsletter because I took on too many other projects… but I do miss writing them and then hearing the feedback from readers like you. I'm also in the process of getting the elist automated because it has grown to be unmanageable. I'm not complaining about this, because it means that there is a tremendous interest, but it is too much for me to handle myself.

I plan to resume the hotlines soon, but I checked my elists and do not find your email address on them. Perhaps you're listed under another email address? But I've put you back into the list.

I have been hearing from others too and I'm happy to know that the hotlines are missed.

Thank you for letting me know.

With blessings and peace,


In a message dated 7/24/05 12:43:34 AM, Kurt writes:

Hi, My name is Kurt. I clicked a link to your site, and I just wanted to say "WOW" and "Thank You" for the incredible links page you have. I will certainly be spending plenty of time checking these out in the future. I will be purchasing your book also in the future when I get some extra money together.

Thanks again. Kurt

In a message dated 7/17/05 2:06:11 AM, Gay writes:

Hi Rhio,

I enjoyed attending raw food functions at your home in NY and being on your mailing list. Last year we moved from Brooklyn to Sydney, Australia. I would like to be included in your mailing list again. I can't tell you how much my husband enjoy the "archives" of your radio show "Hooked on Raw" with yourself and Felicia. Raw foodism is still in its infant stages down here, we are holding a raw food potluck at our apartment on July 30th. We can hardly wait! Anyways, thanks again for being such a continual source of inspiration.

Kindest regards,

Gay Campbell

June 4


We love you in Chicago. One rawfoodie always makes
your recipes and everyone goes wild….

thank you so much!


In a message dated 5/15/05 5:12:27 PM, M'balia writes:

Hello Rhio

I hope that this brief message meets you in good health and high spirits.

Just to say that your wibsite is very inspiring because it includes peoples from different backgrounds and their struggles to take responsibility for their own health.

Thank you for daring to present truly international pictures.


May 2, 2005


Thanks for sending the updates. Although I am not completely on raw foods, I am still working on getting to that point. I appreciate your encouragement!


April 22, 2005

thank you for the email message on your programs ect. i'm a raw vegan, please keep them coming i'm new to the computor i'm 71 years old i first heard about raw food in 1957 at nornan w. walker's ranch in wicenberg arizona i stayed there for three weeks than whent to australia for 9 years and fell away from the raw vegan way of life may you keep up the good work

peace be with you


In a message dated 4/15/05 10:33:16 PM, Joe writes:

I have just signed up for your newsletter and look forward to getting your newsletter or articles, especially if they are controversial. A very inportant topic is the formation of the department of peace. It really seems the government, and especially this administration, has it all wrong.

I am active in the New England Raw Food Community and would like to also know if it is possible to list Pot Lucks or events on your list of events?


Dear Joe,

I put you on my elist. It is controversial sometimes because I talk about the political aspects of food and also how we can't be truly healthy in our soul as long as we support war and killing and greed.

I can list the Potlucks, if they are held regularly, in my Directory for Raw Potlucks. Please check out my Directory and send all the appropriate info. Also send info on the events as they come up and we'll get them into the Events Calendar.

With blessings and peace,


April 16, 2005

Thanks for your reply.

I think, in these times more than ever, we need to be controversial and wake people up. The ignorance proliferating this war, bad health, global arrogance, and excessive greed, need to be brought to the consciousness of people so they can, as you say, be truly healthy, and also be compassionate, aware and above all support all the people and living creatures of the world in a positive way. I am happy to be controversial.

As for the Pot Lucks…


In a message dated 3/23/05 10:58:53 AM, Myla writes:

Great Website! Thanks so much for putting such a comprehensive list together. I'm looking at moving and want to go somewhere I know has a strong raw food community. Would it be possible for you to also include a webpage that sorts the states by the number of raw food restaurants they have? It would really help for visitors on your website to quickly see were there is a lot of raw food "activity".



March 10, 2005


I recently received a copy of Hooked on Raw from my husband in celebration of my 15 years as a vegetarian. A few weeks later I receved a beautiful card from you that shared his words of love. Thank you for your integrity in followig up with the card and sharing his words to honor his full intention with this gift.

I look forward to reading and using the book for many years as we engage more fully in an energizing raw lifestyle! Wishing you the best of health.


In a message dated 1/22/05 1:41:43 AM, Teri writes:

Hello Rhio,

Rawfoodinfo.com is a useful site & cool site, thanks.

I thought to suggest you add a link to a site I find also very useful. It's called- HappyCow's Vegetarian Guide- Aside being a worldwide directory of health food stores & vegetarian restaurants it also has a raw foods section.

Keep up the good work on your site,



January 9, 2005

Dear Rhio,

I haven't had time to read last newsletter but did just scan your feedback. I cannot now make as strong a case for your bringing the political dimension to bear on your readers' select concerns as it merits, for once again I will not take the time, now. So: keep it up, and don't stop. I wish I could stay, but you already I'm sure appreciate how willfully unintelligent and divertible U.S. citizens in their thinking. The people who oppose your sharing your earned political understanding act like the simply fussy eaters many of them might very well be, deep down. (I mean, they have personal squeamishness or intransigence that are psychologically rooted. I see this over and over. But this is not a comment on eating raw, which I prefer doing much as I can.) Eating against the grain of American industry is a political act, and these matters are all connected–here and abroad. I encourage you to do even more to educate yourself and pose an example, to be improved upon or emulated or rejected by your readers. I cannot imagine subjecting you to the Oprah comparison. What all do these people think she is? (And didn't Oprah herself come in for a hit when she spoke ever so slightly against the meat industry? People have been trying to control women's mouths for ages, and our keeping them shut or emitting a chosen sound every now and then is hardly going to shut powerful people up. They will make things up, and they like the occasion for pushing onto people's attention their lies–the defensive publicity, as Israel justifies its actions always, for example.)

People in this country can hide only so much longer, for now it is increasngly from one another nearby–no amount of segregation will be good enough, not even the prisons–and this tight ignorance ultimately is cold and makes for the loneliness and incapacitating isolation that is evident everywhere in this country. Your readers no doubt oppose the pharmaceutical industry that is being handed over our populace from the earliest ages, yet what are they doing that their minds don't roam as to why this all is happening? And why in hell should your articles be passed on without comment to their friends and acquaintances–are they lazy? You don't know these recipients; why should your comments be easily palatable for everyone's tastes or established politics? One grows by reaching, being provoked to reach anyway, by friction and unexpected light, collisions that set one to thinking or imagining. Let them cozy up to their friends, or instead deepen their own understanding of your positions so they can speak on your behalf, or mitigate the effects they fear… I wished I'd put it all more succinctly, and defended you more indisputably so you only hold on more tight to your refusal to be confined outside the poltical pale. Please: continue, only more strongly. Thanks for all.

Name withheld by request

January 8, 2005

Hi there Rhio!
… thank you for the inspirational newsletters. I always enjoy hearing your perspective on politics and what's going on in the nutritional/health world. Please keep it up!
… Enjoy your trip to California!

Cristina Lang
Seattle, WA

January 9, 2005

Dear Rhio,

Here is another response to your hotline newsletter and the question whether or not it is best for you to discuss larger issues; that is, issues concerning the fate of the Earth we live on, including energy, food production, citizen freedoms, oxygen, water, and top soil. How these issues are attended to in the immediate near future has to do with whether we will in fact have a future.

To NOT discuss these crucial determinants is in some sort of a way being an accomplice in the destruction of Earth as our Nest.

So I praise you for bringing light to these subjects!

There is talk about the pair of birds losing their nest due to the wishes of the people who live in that particular building. In fact, all humans now living and those to be born, are at this moment in the process of losing their nest.. This Earth is the only nest we have and it is being systematically destroyed. After 500 years of occupation, there is not a clean drop of water left in this country, the top soil is drastically diminished, the oxygen level is way below the acknowledged usual 21%; with 14% the point where we will not be able to continue.
Seeds are "owned" by corporations, (in fact, water in some countries is starting to be "owned".) Only 15% of the trees that once existed remain. We have no place to store the tons and tons of radioactive waste that remains poisonous for thousands of years.

Along with the grave issue of the storage of rad. waste, the everyday release of radioactivity by this country's 100 nuclear power plants has been found to cause premature births, infant mortality, mental retardation, heart ailments, arthritis, rampant cancer, leukemia (which is now the number one cause of death for children in the USA ) genetic damage, chronic fatigue syndrome, which affects 4 to 5 million people, as well as previously unknown infectious diseases.

Authorities knew about this health damage and admitted in a l989 report made by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission: "Health affects from low-level radiation includes the induction of cancer, genetically determined ill-health, developing abnormalities, and some degenerative diseases."

With cancer incidence going from 1 in 4, to 1 in 3, to 1 in 2, you'd think someone would ask why, instead of collecting funds for another Ronald McDonald House.

These radiation releases from the everyday operation of nuclear plants also affect the ozone depletion we hear about, thus allowing the entrance of solar rays which can kill plankton; plankton being one of our two sources of oxygen. The other one being trees, which if not being cut down at a hysterical rate, are now becoming sick with disease, one serious one mentioned in the news a few weeks ago, is affecting the trees in 22 western states. Note: The loss of oxygen is rarely mentioned anywhere…

Given the unbearable reality of the loss of our life system, humans become diverted and busy; grasping at distraction and/or over-achieving. TV dramas, and headlines about a murder case divert attention from the biggest murder case of all time – the murder of you, me, our town and country, and our Earth. And the potential for future Life on Earth. So within this context I dont see how any one could fault you for discussing the state of our situation. In fact, IF we do not discuss it we are at fault, it would seem. A disinformation machine with a controled media, an addictive militarism and vested interests are firmly in place.

There is the story of the frog in hot water. The frog was put into a pot of cool water on the stove. He didnt notice any change as it gradually grew warmer. At one point the water went from hot to boiling. And then it was too late for the frog to jump out.

We must claim a habitable Earth, now, just prior to the water beginning to boil.

Where there is a will; there is a way.

with best wishes to all from,

Sara Shannon

Janury 7, 2005

Dear Rhio,

Thank you for your new years wishes and information. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

Of course, I checked out the even more expanded website you maintain. It is wonderful. It is like walking into a health conscious, life conscious, earth conscious library. Thanks for all that you do to make me aware of ways I can improve my life.

… I am excited that you are working on another edition of your book. {Note from Rhio: It's a completely New book.} Takes a lot of love and work to make that happen. You are so generous with your experience and knowledge and spirit.

Thank you Rhio.
Much love,


January, 2005

My dear Rhio,

I just recently started receiving your wonderful newsletter. I am very proud to be a part of your consciousness on world issues which are not separate from our basic human needs of clean food, water and air. Thank you for being brave enough to stand your ground in truth regardless to those who may not continue participating in the purchase of your products or the reading of your books and newsletter. One who is willing to sacrifice their soul simply to appease does not live in truth. God bless. You do not stand alone.

love and light,

Anita in Miami

Dec. 28, 2004

Hi! I've been reading your website for some time now, and been trying to change my eating habits….

Thank you for having such a great website!
God bless you,

Jeannette Moragon

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 09:00:29 -0600

To: Rhio's Raw Energy

I just received the book, WOW!! I was getting confused about eating Raw. This book Hooked on Raw has made it very clear and I feel I can do it. I love the way it is written and explanations are great. The recipes are easy to follow and for the first timer this is important. I now feel I can do this with confidence. I had alot of fear about the sprouting, but the way you have written that section I now feel I can do it. Thank you for taking the time to write this book.


August 31, 2004

Hi Rhio,

I just found your website as a link from a news article about raw food on my bellsouth homepage. I have done a lot of research over the last 12 years on natural lifestyle, supplements, food combining, and most recently, raw food lifestyle. The information you share about raw food and how it affects the entire body is wonderful and so consistent with true health. Our family has a long way to go but we have incorporated many efforts over the years such as pure water, juicing, food combining, and organic foods. We have seen great improvement in many areas such as fatigue, systemic yeast overgrowth, "IBS," allergies/asthma…

Our goal is to become much more dependant on raw food but, as you know, for many the process can be intimidating. ("The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…") I truly believe that the Lord who created us and gave us this earth also gave us a model for the most healthy way to eat. In Genesis1:30, He says,"I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food…" And whether or not any doctor or nutritionist or whoever wants to ackowlege it, we know that eating this way brings maximum health and vitality. This is not by chance or coincidence. Any time we do things God's way the result is the best we could get! Thanks for sharing the knowlege He has intrusted you with. It is wonderful and encouraging information and when used will bring health to many. The fact that you are willing to share your hard work to help others is deeply appreciated. May we use the health and energy we gain to serve Him better!

Many blessings,

Donna B.

Dear Donna,

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

It looks like you and your family have made a great stride towards healthy living already. The best way to start on the raw path is by just adding more raw/live foods to your diet and each day try to increase the amount a little more, a little more… before you know it, you will be a high raw person/family. And in the end, the diet, because of its alkalinizing nature, will help you sustain it more easily. When the body is alkaline, addictions lose their grip. I know it seems a little daunting now, but you will get there.

With blessings, peace and every success to you and your family,


July 23, 2004

Good morning,

I am thrilled to discover your wonderful website. I would like to request you to send an invitation to join Elist. Thank you very much.


Nancy Elliott

July 5, 2004

Thanks again!

By the way, the lasanga was very tasty. A huge pan went in minutes! We may have converted a few hard-core 'cooked only' foodie types. I've given them your site address.


In a message dated 5/29/04 11:53:20 PM, MJ writes:

I am a 45 year old female who after spending months with agonizing abdominal pain, (what the doctors are calling possible gallbladder infliction) weight gain of 10+ years, hbp etc etc and with the fact that a good friend who is only 41 and someone I considered a person who took care of herself who after being diagnosed with cancer only 2 weeks ago who now can no longer walk, I consider myself being given a wake up call and a patient at the hospital where I work as a patient registrar told me of a book called master cleanser, I went to my local library where I like to think now, as hopefully lifesaving intervention, found your book hooked on raw. As a person who has since the age of 16 worked in the health care area and used to presume to be (a learned person) as far as taking care of myself found to be in total shock and horror as to what the government is allowing to be put in foods, preservatives etc. I am so "high" on the thought of what the possiblity of going, if not totally raw at first, at least to incorporate healthy and natural veggies/nuts/etc into my lifestyle. Even though I have a lot of fear mostly of giving up my "comfort foods" esp that bowl of pasta with salt and butter in the wee hours of the morning…..but I was also so inspired of seeing the people on your website who have converted and how totally happy and healthy they are.. I have made up my mind to be one of those people who would be honored to say this change has saved my life. I'm starting right now with the before pix and will consider it an honor to keep you updated. You have opened my eyes and lifted my soul I remain… indebted to you always

Good thoughts to you and yours,


Dear MJ,

I am very sorry to hear about your illness and that of your good friend.

It pleases me very much that the raw lifestyle message, through my book, resonated with your inner being such that you are willing to take the responsibility for your own wellness. This, after all, is the very reason that I wrote the book – to inspire people to reach out for their birthright of vibrant health.

I send you support through my good thoughts for your complete recovery and would be most happy to post your before and after pictures and story when the time comes. Thanks so much for wanting to be a part of my endeavor to enlighten people as to the possibilities.

Take your transition a day at a time and as your body, mind and spirit become strengthened, you will lose the fear of giving up your old comfort foods, in favor of the beautiful, life giving foods you will learn to enjoy just as much!

I have a thought for your friend who now cannot walk. I do not think that any condition could deteriorate that much in the space of just two weeks after a diagnosis. I think what has happened to her is she bought into the diagnosis hook, line and sinker – she internalized it, and as such she made the doctor's diagnosis into her truth. But the doctor is just a human being, not God or a superbeing…

Tell your friend that if she wants to talk to a bone cancer survivor that was given only six months to live, I can put her in touch. She needs to hear that cancer is not a death knell and from someone who has been cancer free for 13 years after that most serious diagnosis. Someone who walked away from the allopathic doctor's surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and back into the bosom of Nature's healing ways.

With blessings and peace,


ps: I am not a practitioner of any kind so please accept the following only as an exchange of ideas and information.

There are what are called "gallbladder cleanses" that can be done to clean out the gall stones which may (or may not) be the source of your stomach pain. You can find a link to the various recipes for this gallbladder cleanse on my website in the articles section, subsection "Healing Modalities."

As a testimonial, a friend of mine, Yasmin, recently did one of the recipes (the one which included the enema) and her pain completely went away. Her pain actually lessened as soon as she started on the fresh apple and orange juices. The doctors had wanted to remove her gall bladder.


March 2, 2004

Dear Rhio and Leigh:

Thank you very much for giving your special knowledge and welcoming us to your warm kitchen.

I experienced so much of what a raw food is and how to stay healthy from you in a short period of time.

It was a really wonderful session. We enjoyed tasty full course dinner as well as watching your uncooked food preparation demonstrations.

And thank you again for your shinny smiles!

Sincerely yours,

Yuko Ejiri

p.s. I start reading your lovely book.

February 27, 2004

Hi Rhio

Really loved Hooked on Raw–so gentle and I respect the hard work you put into it. . .


February 20, 2004

Hi again Rhio!~

I HAVE been using the Oatmeal mask ALOT lately and its is so moisterizing and soothing & I'm so grateful for the recipe… I moisterize with fresh apple jc and fresh leaf of aloe.. AHHH.. Moisterizing with these two helps alot and I KNOW that as my body receives the healing from, as you said "Nature foods", my skin which is usually the first tell-tale, too will become vibrant. I already notice Miraculous changes within and without from the effects of simple yet quality living and eating.

Thank You for having taken the time to answer my questions.

Much kindness,


In a message dated 2/4/04 9:00:14 PM, Robin writes:

Hi Rhio,

Thanks for your great site! It is truly a wealth of usable information.


January 11, 2004

Thanks, Rhio! The feeling is mutual!

I love your book, by the way, and recently passed it along to a couple of my neighbors, who have since purchased it.

We grow in number!

For peace,

Nancy Ging

January 5, 2004

Hey there,

Thanks for the great listing on your website — a number of people have wandered in already who found us because of it!

Chris Maykut
Chaco Canyon Cafe
Seattle, Washington


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