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Dec. 18, 2003

Dear Rhio,

It's almost Christmas and I am here thanking you for the very special Thanksgiving gathering that you hosted. Your home was full of love and warmth and I am grateful to have been there. I made mention of it in the December issue of Raw Dish! and I'd like to send a copy to you but I don't have your mailing address. Would you please e-mail it to me? Thank you.

Be Well.
Stephen Parker

Dec. 15, 2003

hi! i love your cookbook!! it's started me on my raw diet! THANK YOU!


In a message dated 12/10/03 3:32:08 PM, Leah writes:

Dear Rhio,

… Your website is brilliantly delicious!

Leah Friedman
Bridge Publications

In a message dated 12/9/03 1:28:06 PM, Sandi writes:

Hello Rhio


Your website is brilliant. It's very informative, inspiring and very much needed in today's world. I love the articles, and pictures. I've learned a lot from your site. Thank you!


Dec. 4, 2003

I love your raw food un cook book. It is definately one of the few that I recommend to people.

Cecilia Benjumea

In a message dated 12/1/03 4:33:48 PM, JANICE writes:

Dear Rhio and Leigh,

Thank you so much again, for your very warm Thanksgiving hospitality and for entertaining us with your wonderful talents. As always it was a pleasure to be present and share the good food and company of other like-minded people.

with gratitude and love,



Dear Rhio,

Thank you for the clarification.
Thank you for reassuring me.
Thank you for caring.




Hi. Good to hear from you. I'm leaving Friday, I'll be staying at Esai's house and preparing the food. Hooked on Raw will be by my side.

I finally "read" it {Hooked on Raw}. I'd been using the recipe part for a while, but never sat down and read the front before. It really is excellent. When I redo my web site (sobehealthy.com), I'd like to offer it.


Ed Lieb


Rhio –

Thanks for being here Now… All of us are blessed by your love in service for humanity! I wish endless joy for you, Rhio, and all you touch by word, thought or deed… and so it is… so be it

Always love,

Kyle and Anna Mansfield

August 4, 2003

Hello Rhio!

I received your book three days ago, and I couldn't put it down! The recipes sound great, and your chapters in the first half of the book offer much comprehensive info. I'll save the more complex recipes for a pot-luck or company, and be more likely to use the simpler ones for day-to-day eating. I already have an Excalibur dehydrator, and it's great! Grocery shopping happens today!

Your kitchen cosmetics section was good, too, because in the transition to a raw lifestyle, what one uses for personal care products is up for review as well as food. Here's a great simple face cream recipe that I've found works in our desert climate outside of Santa Fe: 4 parts of shea butter melted together with 1 part of jojoba oil, and then firmed up in the refrigerator in a little jar. Doesn't have to be kept refrigerated, however. Both of these plants grow in harsh, arid conditions, so it makes sense that the oils would be great for natural skin care in the desert. This totally fixes dry skin, and heals up skin sensitivies brought on by commercial products.

Next month I'm travelling to visit a friend for a few weeks in Hawaii on the most indigenous of the
islands – she has a big garden with lots of greens, plus she says the amount of fruit and nuts growing around there is staggering. So I'll have a really big boost to eating raw, plus she teaches yoga!

Many thanks for your prompt service!



message dated 8/4/03 7:04:02 PM, George writes:


Thank you so much for your help. Blessings to you and your wonderful work.


In a message dated 7/14/03 3:25:57 PM, Charles writes:



In a message dated 7/10/03 11:46:38 AM, Jane writes:

Many thanks to Rhio for the e-mails that keep us posted on so many vital issues! Everything is so timely and well-written. I appreciate you so much!


Jane Jennings

July 7, 2003

Greetings Rhio,

This is Cherron, Dewey's wife, in Philadelphia. I enjoy reading your newsletters. I often refer those in my raw food classes to your site and book.

Of course, like all others, when 9/11 occurred I remember everything that happened that day. Dewey got on the phone calling all his NYC people and you were one of the first on the list. He talked to Leigh to see how you guys were fairing.

Well, reading about your program only brings back those memories.

I wish you all the best in your healing journey. Keep doing what you are doing and never give up on your relentless pursuit of truth.



In a message dated 5/27/03 10:46:13 AM, Elchanan writes:

Hi Rhio,

I just want to say to you, as I read your writings over time, that I am continually impressed. Of all the raw food-committed teachers of whom I am aware, your writings seem to me on a higher plane than any other, both in terms of content and cogency and effectiveness of communication. Your letter below reinforces this impression — you manage to remain gentle and respectful throughout, and at the same time you convey your message with crystal clarity. Thank you!


In a message dated 5/27/03 12:21:18 PM, John writes:

rhio i just wanted to thank you for reply to my e mail on good places to shop for the raw foodist, your book is great and i love it,

thanks once again


May 2, 2003


You have so many great sections of your website. : ) You are providing a wonderful service to the world.


In a message dated 3/26/03 10:56:48 AM, marytrimble writes:

Dear Rhio,

I have been meaning to email you forever…I tried while you were out of town but it was returned to me.

I wanted to thank you for the lovely email you sent me after the benefit for the Anne Wigmore Institute…You are so kind. And I just wanted to acknowledge all the wonderful work that you do for our community. Thank you. I worked at the New Life Expo this weekend and I can't tell you how many people asked me if I was you (I displayed your book in the front) I made sure every copy was sold.:)


Thank you for your support and I hope we'll speak soon.

Love and respect,

Mary Trimble:)

March 14, 2003

Dear Rhio,

Hooked on Raw is an extraordinary, extremely valuable book that should be bought and kept as a reference by everyone who is interested in the subject of human health, regardless of their particular health philosophy. There is so much rare and practical information here, in addition to the many fascinating teachings describing truly healthful living. And it is presented in such a fun-to-read, life-affirming, loving way!

I am encouraging all the health-seekers I meet to buy your book.

Congratulations and many, many thanks for a great work on behalf of human health and happiness!


Susan Rothman

March 12, 2003

Your site is wonderful and I am so proud of all you are doing too to spread the word!! I'll talk to you soon dear. take care and best wishes!!


March 9, 2003

Thank you thank you thank you! The book is awesome! I'm starting to head towards a raw way; I'm almost looking forward to it; I've already tried sprouting almonds (no good!), making avocado dulse dip (pretty good!) and some raw carob fudge brownies (awesome!).

Keep it up!

Andrea in Brooklyn

February 12, 2003


We miss you and would love to catch up with you guys, especially in NY on your new farm.

I've been visiting my relatives on their farms in KY since I was a baby. There's a feeling of wholeness and 'at one with' that you can't get anywhere else. The sounds, smells and sights of mother nature is where I love to be! Chris grew up next to the country in Surrey, which is 25 miles from the outskirts of London. At that time, very rural with dairy farms. So he loves it too. We'll get there. One of these days!

I've forwarded your newsletter to many hoping they like it as much as me and buy your wonderful book! Keep up the good work.

Off to mix 12 tracks we've done for my long time friend Joe's CD. Cheer's to music and yours.



In a message dated 2/7/03 1:56:06 PM, JJ writes:

I would like to thank you for the valuable links you have made available to us. You have the most beautiful website! I love your book and would like to encourage you to do video (or set of videos) of raw food prep. I believe there is a market and certainly, a need.

Wishing you all the best in 2003.

Jane Jennings

January 13, 2003

Dear Rhio,

I loved your sight and your interview for Paul Nison's book. I am a recent raw food convert though my conversion is not yet 100%. Better than nothing, though.

Thank you for being such a great enthusiast of raw food, and by the way your comments and recipes are absolutely wonderful.


Raw Food Beginner Enthusiast

In a message dated 12/26/02 6:59:21 PM, madelyn writes:


happy holidays,

thank you for all you do for the raw community and the world. you are greatly appreciated.



Dec. 24, 2002

Hi Rhio,

Thank you so much. I just started on the raw diet. But it has been really tough since I don't like most of the recipes. Either there is some amount of cooking involved or they don't taste nice. I have been browsing and browsing on the internet for a site as good as this. I am so grateful I could just kiss you. Thanks again.

Warm regards,
Jane Kumar

Dec. 5, 2002

Hi Rhio –

Thank you for the update. . .

We have great responses to your book, and are very happy to see it doing well!

Warm regards,

Klaus Wallner
Rawganique.com–Cothing & food for a fragile planet

In a message dated 12/10/02 2:38:02 PM, Teresa writes:

Hello Rhio,

. . . By the way, I've been raw now for four months. The physical and spiritual
benefits are fantastic. So keep up the good work; it's such a worthwhile

Thanks again. Joy to you!

Teresa Tsalaky

In a message dated 12/6/02 7:23:40 AM, organicgurl@hotmail.com writes:

hi rhio!

. . . i have 2 tell u, yours is my single favorite raw cookbook of them all!!! i love it, cover 2 cover (*especially your insights in 2 different topics which have influenced my consumer choices as well).
bravo girlfiend!!

keep up the excellent work!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

in total bliss,
candy tolentino
earth cafe

Nov. 17, 2002

just crossed your website and was more than inspired. thank you for your light!!

much love


In a message dated 10/26/02 2:00:42 PM, Tomlin writes:

Greetings Rhio

Thank You Rhio for your sharing your experiences and insights with me. . .
Yes, I love your book! To me, it is a masterpiece. Plenty and plenty of love and caring went into your writing. I tell people about your book all the time and I wrote about your book in my newsletter.



September 30, 2002


Thank you so much! Your book is top of the line. You touch so many areas, a wealth of information. I've read it from cover to cover. I will start a coconut fast tomorrow. I love young coconuts!!


Lynda Carter

In a message dated 9/15/02 4:40:22 PM, Nancy writes:

Thanks Rhio – for the beautiful recipes online; I printed them – and now, even before trying them I feel so happy, healthy and hungry!! I'm even inspired to take up my much neglected yoga, try your recipes, and make sure I get/stay healthy! (I'm recovering from my third bout with a third form of cancer, but each time I've bounced back with a combination of healthy foods, yoga and meditation).

You have reminded me to get back on track with your lovely foods. I am vegetarian – though often lacto- and very occasionally (at my mom's) an ovo- type as well – or as my son says, even occasionally an ovo-lacto-ham-biscuit-vegetarian! Now I'm going to try to clean up my act and be more vegan – and more "raw".

Many thanks again.


September 30, 2002

Dear Nancy,

Much luck and good wishes – I know you will recover this time for good.

Once you put a high percentage of raw into your diet, it DOES become easier and easier to stick with it. Your own body will become an ally. You might even decide to go 100% as so many have done. But, even 80%, as recommended by the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida is getting and keeping people well.

With a prayer for your full recovery,


In a message dated 9/19/02 6:37:53 PM, Ann writes:

Dear Rhio,

I am so happy to hear of your dream come true, a magical, delicious farm for you and Leigh, where you can be in attunement and love with our mother earth, her beautiful colors, seasons, fragrances, surprises, miracles, creations. I know you love the soil and all the colors and energies that dwell therein; all the nature spirits that are abundantly enriching. I know you will restore the topsoil, and the blessing of your land will be a blessing to everyone as all the good, loving energy centered, growing and pregnant there expands everywhere to transmute and nurture.

Wishing you much joy as you and nature create together and everything blossoms, blooms, grows, and new discoveries reveal themselves.

Look what your roof garden has grown into—24 acres—your vision manifesting!!

Wishing you much joy and happiness, and that there will be great ease and flow and freedom from obstacles in all your projects with your farm and everything else, and that miracles continue to come forth everywhere in your life and in everything you do.

Thank you for your loving, creative spirit and presence in this world, which needs it so much!
I also love your website; it is so visually beautiful in addition to being supremely informative.

Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness in inviting me to the Hunts Point Market with you sometime, so I can get initiated into the fruit and vegetable and coconut friends there. I'll call you to arrange when I could come, since I do not yet have a computer so can't communicate that way, although I can see I need to get one!

Love, peace, harmony,


Sept. 25, 2002

Dear Ann,

Your wishes and blessings are much appreciated. And when I transform this piece of moutaintop into that beautiful vision that you are holding for me, you will be welcome to come and enjoy it too. Walk around, breathe the fresh air, meditate in the gardens, forest or wetlands, pick vegetables and fruit and be blessed.



In a message dated 8/25/02 5:19:05 AM, Val writes:

Dear Rhio – how are you enjoying the farm fresh air and sky and sunsets, sunrises? I'm sure you must be so happy there. I guess you also kept your NYC apt?

A customer-become-friend in NYC bought your book for me – thanks for the lovely note you wrote in it – and I LOVE it so much. I wouldn't have bought it myself because I have so many raw food recipe books that I simply never use – I hate to be in kitchen, it's like fixing a computer, I don't have the patience. But I was *thrilled* with your book. It's the best raw food recipe book I have and will recommend it from now on. So many new insights, e.g. into enzymes, I should've realized that my favorite newsletter writer would also write my favorite book but it never entered my head.

I'm writing to ask whether you'd mind very much if I printed your sauerkraut recipe in my on-line book (the one that's password-protected for customers only) and also if I sent it out in a newsletter to everyone, both customers and those who've opted in to receive it (about 2,000?). I will of course rave about your book and give your website as place to buy it, along with the recipe. It's such an easy excellent recipe – like all your recipes, they look so easy! I simply want to include it because it's so good and my customers should be getting some fermented food.

Look forward to your reply – thanks for everything!



Dear Val,

Of course you can use the recipe (with credit) as you say.

I'm so very glad that you love my book, I never get tired of hearing it. Makes all those nights I spent writing it from 12 to 6 am very very worthwhile. (That's the only time I could get some peace and quiet to apply myself to it). Thanks also for the plugs. . .

I LOVE the farm and we've had our own fresh grown vegetables, edible weeds and greens for the first time in four years. Since they started spraying NYC for the West Nile Virus I haven't grown anything on my roof garden.

It's such a blessing to live close to the land. There's wonderful, comforting and mysterious vibrations here. I wish I could convince others to go back to the land – you know I'm going to try though.

With Love and Peace,


August, 2002

Dear Rhio,

I want to tell you how much my admiration for your book grows each day. It is by far and wide the most intelligent and well thought out approach to living food that I have seen. And I especially like the fact that you discuss food in a context of healing and becoming more alive. I imagine that you are going to be at the Raw Festival coming up soon and I certainly would like to purchase some extra copies from you.

With appreciation.

Jesse Schwartz
Living Tree Community Foods

In a message dated 7/3/02 8:38:16 PM, Juice For Health writes:


Thanks for all the work that you do. Your book is helping lots of folks into a healthier lifestyle!


Abundant Living Lifestyle Center
& Health Foods

June 23, 2002

Hi Rhio!

I'm new to eating 100% raw/living foods (only 6 months), and still find delicious recipes very exciting (while some of the longtimers I know eat very simply).

I love your Hooked On Raw book, I eat from it all the time, or just peruse the pages, even though I've already read them repeatedly, as one would look at a favorite picture book over and over. . .


p.s. I love the Spiral Slicer that my husband ordered for me for my birthday, off of your website…now I'll have zucchini 'pasta' all summer long!

Dear Celeste,

You really touched me with your loving word picture of how you peruse my book. Thank you so much for sharing this because it makes me feel very good.

I believe you have received not just the words and their meaning, and the recipes – but also all the love and good intentions with which I wrote the book and which somehow are infused in it for those that can feel between the lines. Thank you.

With Blessings and Peace,


In a message dated 6/23/02 10:08:52 AM, Gay writes:

Dear Rhio,

My husband and a companion enjoyed your presentation on GM foods at the Taste of Health Festival today. They also particularly enjoyed the food you prepared at the High Vibe stand. As I have and already enjoy your book Hooked on Raw, I would like to know if the dishes were created from recipes in your book and if so, which ones, so I may try them. They haven't stopped raving!!!!

Thanks and Cheers,

Gay Campbell

In a message dated 6/3/02 11:11:44 AM, Doris writes:

Hi Rhio,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank both you and Leigh for the wonderful evening with the Boutenko Family. Almost wrote you last evening when I was enjoying a nice salad that looked very similar to the one we shared that evening.

Anyway, many people have probably already mentioned to you that it was a super event. Robert and I REALLY enjoyed it very very much.

Also, I signed up for the class you are offering at HighVibe on Wednesday, and it is something that I am looking forward to very much.

Thanks again.

best regards,

Doris Steckler

May 27, 2002

Dear Rhio & Leigh,

I had such a good time at your home on Thursday night. The food was so tasty and made with love. The entertainment – how talented you both are! Never stop singing and praising this life. And seeing the Boutenko family as living proof of how this lifestyle can change your life.

Thank you for the party. Thank you for your graciousness & beauty, and all of your efforts to bring this lifestyle to other people.



May 27, 2002

Hello Rhio, thank you again for the wonderful meeting last Thursday evening with Victoria and Igor Boutenko, in fact I appreciate and thank you so much for all that you do … for all of us.

The reason for this little note is to mention that Wild Oats recently opened a gorgeous new store in Westport, Connecicut. It is very spacious and has an area rather like a theater for events and presentations. I decided to speak to the manager of 'events', Barbara Amodio, who responed very enthusiastically at the prospects of introducing presentaions on live/raw foods. I have spoken with Paul Nison and Dagger at High Vibe and both are interested in following this up. Naturally I especially thought of you. If you decide to investigate this further, I shall be happy to help in any way that I can. The telephone # for Wild Oats is 203 227 6858. Since it is sometimes difficult for Barbara to come to the telephone, she gave her personal voice-mail #–––––––––––

And, last but not least, I especially wish to thank you and Leigh for singing Thursday evening … it was beautiful.

May you always be blessed
with love,


May 24, 2002


I really enjoyed Victoria's talk last night, not to mention your singing and the food was yummie. I can't wait to try some of her/your recipes!

Please include me on your monthly email newsletter.


May 19, 2002

Rhio, I love your uncookbook and have shared many recipes with family and friends. Thank you.

Lillian Butler

May 13, 2002

Dear Rhio –

So enjoyed meeting you @ the 'Book Fair' in NY & purchasing your book. I'm on p. 51 & it is just so beautifully written – with so much love & dedication! Thank you for pouring your heart out into this book.

My wife & I did make it to Quintessence on 10th St., very small but quaint & delicious food!! We had a great 6-day stay in Manhattan.

I would like to take a week of raw food prep class with you or Victoria in the near future. It's difficult being "raw" when the rest of the family is not totally committed – as you well know. I would like to eventually be able to teach some classes myself & even start a support "club" or group.

We did not make the Raw Food/Energy/Dance Party that night – went to Quintessence instead – then to bed!.

Much love in your work & compassion. . . from the bottom of my heart.

Very sincerely,

Neal Pressley
jai meher baba

April 10, 2002

Dear Rhio:

Thank you so much for your e-mail sharing such deep and intimate parts of your soul, our fears are indeed our worst enemies…bringing them out into the light they do fade away…but of course…there is no room for darkness in the presence of light…how simple and beautiful life is when we allow it
just to unfold.

The mind is like a very young child, always wanting to explore, sometimes even to unsafe territories…as we grow wiser…(the word older has never really found a home in my mind)…we learn to direct our mind to the LIGHT and NATURE…what more can I say…just simply the bottom line…let us all unite in our journey back to nature, the support you are offering us Rhio is absolutely invaluable and I for one am extremely grateful to you for your guidance and example…

Much Love and Light all ways Always,


In a message dated 3/14/02 8:22:58 AM, dbrannic1@yahoo.com writes:

Rhio, I love getting your news letter, and though I live in Irleand getting an inside track on issues effecting people in the states is very enlightening.

I was wondering if you could (though its totally urelated to anything I've seen in your newsletters) put a small bit of information about our project with Siberias street kids – www.permkids.org – as we need to raise quite a bit of money between now and the middle/end of april. . .

check out the site and let me know,

keep up the good work


In a message dated 2/8/02 1:50:58 AM, Chakra writes:

Hey Rhio, I am sending you a little box UPS, it will not have a note or card in it, since I am having it sent right from my friends fresh grinding room in Colorado! Consider this the note please, I hope you enjoy this awesome organic raw almond butter, tahini and sunflower butter. I had my friend start grinding this at low temperature for me and my food co-op in Colorado after going raw, and wanting something better than what was available. I did some deep research. This is the only other truly raw almond butter other than Rejuvenative Foods, west of the Rockies. I do not know the east coast market place, perhaps you have the goods already!

Thank You for your great book! I have really enjoyed it. I am someone who really reads cookbooks of all sorts and learns alot from each one. My library of live food prep. books has been enhanced greatly by yours.

I wish you well in New York, I have thought of you often since 9/11/01. I think the last e-mail I read from you was soon after.

May healing and well being be yours.

I am thinking of joining you in your age reversal journey, will let you know.

Many Blessings,


Dear Chakra,

Looking forward to your gracious and Mmm delicious gift! Thank you.

I'm glad to have this new raw nut butter contact because the only genuinely raw nut butters that I am familiar with are from Rejuvenative foods. There are no other ones on the East coast that I'm aware of.

With Blessings and Peace,


February 4, 2002

Rhio, I love your emails! Thank you for your wonderful book and all else you do toward good health. I am a rather new raw foodist and would like to join in your Rejuvenation project.

Linda Richardson

January 15, 2002


I looked at your site and consider it a real boon to humanity! There's alot of info there and you seem very knowledgable on the raw subject.

I would consider it an honor for you to share this with all of us… political or not, spice only adds to life! Raw Life of course!

Raw Life Moderator

Peace & love


January 6, 2002

Hello Rhio,

I have been visiting your website for several months now, and I love it! But, the picture page and the action forum have been saying "coming soon", for quite some time…when are they coming??? I'd love to see them. You do great work, and I love the rest of your website.
Take care…


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