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In a message dated 12/25/01 11:10:53 PM, David writes:

i just read your book and i loved it… you have a masterpiece there, lots of information; i hope it goes very well for you…

David Norman

December 4, 2001


Just bought your book, by the way, can't wait to dive in and use it!!

Briefly, my sister is going to NYC for a week with her husband. I know there are places for raw food..I just can't remember where I was 'surfing' and found them. Can you help me with a site or a restaurant?

Thanks a lot. And, I love your newsletter. It is most helpful to me in explaining myself to people. [i.e. trashing vaccinations, CIPRO, bioenginneering]. Thanks for working so hard on it.

The best,

Karen Ferguson
Sunnyvale, Ca

November 6, 2001

Love your book!! Crowning achievement! Congratulations! I've got a champion juicer so I gonna re-try it out. Still reading- what a wealth of info. … Thanks again Rhio


October 25, 2001


Thank you for the good advice, I appreciate your reply. I bought your book this summer at a store in Portland called Mirador. Your book is very well-written and easy-to-use, I like it a lot.

Take care,

Susan in Portland, OR

October 22, 2001

Dear Rhio,

I have been receiving your hotline mail and enjoyed it very much. Just checked out your website. You are so inspiring and your book looks amazing, I will get that for my retreat library. I'm just starting up this small raw food retreat in Taos, New Mexico. This winter I am going to try it out in the earthships with natural sun heat. Would be great if you could take this info to your groups.


In a message dated 10/4/01 12:55:59 AM, Luisa writes:


I attended one of your lectures in Atlanta…the information about GMO's was great. Some of my customers are still talking about it.

We have had at least three new restaurants serving exclusively living/raw open in Atlanta in the past three months. I can provide you with that information if you do not have it.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do…God Bless.

Peace and Blessings


September 19, 2001


Thanks for sending this moving story, I'm sure your thoughts are shared by many people. We do hope and pray that those leading this country will think long and hard about the kind of response they will deliver to the guilty parties and the rest of the world. Although I cannot imagine they will take the peaceful route, I hope their response will be based on love and understanding with a hope for true and lasting stability. I cry for our fallen brothers and sisters, but also will cry if the already tortured women and children of Afghanistan end up receiving the brunt of the anger from both of these sides. They've suffered
so much already.

Thanks for keeping me in your address book. I hope to meet you someday.

Warm regards,
Linda Frees
Hippocrates Health Associate

September 18, 2001


I'm so glad to hear from you and that you and Leigh are well after the terrible happenings last week. I want to let you know how much I enjoy your messages and your website. Thank you for all you do. You are an inspiration to me.

Raw Foods Foundation
St Louis

In a message dated 9/17/01 11:38:15 PM, Beth writes:

Hello Rhio,

GLAD THAT YOU'RE ALIVE. I was just forwarded your energy hotline and I would like to subscribe to it. What a wonderful and scary account of what it must have been like for the millions of New Yorkers who were touched by this tragedy. I agree with you, but could have never put it in such beautiful words that war is not the answer.

I have just recently come to know you through your cookbook that I purchased at a raw food potluck 2 weeks ago. I am really enjoying it. It has a lot of information, not just recipes. Thanks so much for sharing your words of hope today. Please put me on your mailing list so that I might enjoy more encouraging words. With love and hopes of peace,


July 21, 2001

Please include me on the hotline mailer. i live in new york city.

i LOVE your website. it's really one of the best raw resources around!

thanks. dan

In a message dated 6/4/01 1:45:14 AM, Laurel writes:

your website is wonderful and inspiring. thank you so much for the time you have put into it.


Laurel Salzman

May 21, 2001

Greetings Rhio,

Nuff love and respect to you. I trust that you must be riding high on raw and so am I too. Your book has definitely been a key inspiration to me in getting fully back on raw foods. You see Rhio I have been jumping on and off raw now for quite a few years, and every time I jumped off I learned something new about how bad cooked foods are for me, and the more I ate the worse I felt. Of course I knew the theory, and I have on several occasions given talks on raw foods while being on raw foods, but it takes more than theory, it takes inspiration and a clear commitment to health. It also takes know how to put raw foods together to make eating as interesting as possible and thanks to the exhaustive recipes that you and others have provided and a touch of creativity on my part, I am now more comfortable than ever.

Most importantly however, I feel a greater sense of consistency since my consultation practice (I'm a lifestyle transformation consultant) is centered around raw food therapy. My yoga also improves dramatically when I'm on raw (I also teach yoga) and to add to it all, I feel great. And although I have felt this type of commitment before, and have learnt never to say never, somehow this time I feel a greater sense of completion. I dare not in all honesty try to predict the future but I must say from a heart and soul basis that I nurture this presently raw moment.

Nuff said for now Rhio.

RAW regards to you and your family.

Peace and blessings,


April 11, 2001

Hello Rhio,

Thank you for you book – what a lovely addition to the world of raw recipe books. You put a lot of your heart and soul into it – bravo. I am probably not going to Portland – my body is telling me to rest, and I am listening. What a concept. More later,


Elysa Markowitz

December 28, 2000

Hi Rhio! I sit here with your book in hand… thrilled!

I had mentioned you to Jackie & Gideon (of the Shinui Retreat), that your long awaited book was out, and my copy was on its way! There's a link to your website, and one to your book at our website, www.ShinuiRetreat.com (I'm just waiting to take a photo of your book to go with the link).

Feel free to put a link to the Shinui Retreat on your site. I've been made the Health & Fitness Director at Shinui (and couldn't be happier). They are a great bunch of folks! (And the food's great too! If you want to see some of the dishes, visit the Photo Gallery page.)

We look forward to your visit! And congratulations on a superb book.

The Best On Yuh!

Don Bennett

In a message dated 12/23/00 10:51:08 PM, Michele writes:

Hi Rhio! I just got your book and want to thank you for writing it!! I love the story about Leigh too!!

I have a friend who has been 95% raw for over 20 years and has just about every raw recipe book possible and she is the one who guided me to get your book. She said it's the best one — and just from the little I have looked through it the short time I have had it, I think she is right!!


Michele Deradune

November 29, 2000

Dear Rhio,

We love your book. Jackie could not put it down. It is amazing how close we are in our outlook of the living foods. Our first wish is to have you over here as a feature guest for one of our next weekends. We can have our regular dinner on Saturday night, and a class on Sunday, with both you and Jackie working together. We are sure it will be a sellout, and it will be a great opportunity for you to sell some books. Other than this option, we would love to have some of your books for sale here.


Jackie & Gideon Graff

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